Friday, October 27, 2006


THE QUEEN leads the nominations for British Independent Film Awards; I DON'T WANT TO LIVE ALONE wins two nominations at the Golden Horse Awards.

The British Independent Film Awards (BIFA) announced their nominees on Wednesday at Soho House. In its ninth year, the British Independent Film Awards (BIFA) has established itself as one of the most important awards ceremonies in the British film industry and is regarded as a kick-off to the Awards Season. The BIFA 2006 will take place on Wednesday November 29th in Central London.

The highly-anticipated THE QUEEN leads the nominations race in all the leading categories such as BEST BRITISH INDEPENDENT FILM, BEST DIRECTOR (Stephen Frears), BEST ACTRESS (Helen Mirren), BEST SCREENPLAY and two nominations for BEST TECHNICAL ACHIEVEMENT (for Make-Up and for Production Design). Dame Helen Mirren will also receive THE VARIETY UK PERSONALITY OF THE YEAR during the BIFA ceremony for her lead role in THE QUEEN.

Directed by award-winning director Stephen Frears and starring Helen Mirren, THE QUEEN focuses on Queen Elisabeth II (Helen Mirren) and her dealing of the immediate aftermath of the tragic death of Princess Diana. In cinemas in Singapore on January 4th.

On another note, at the 43rd Golden Horse Film Festival in Taiwan, I DON'T WANT TO SLEEP ALONE, directed by Taiwanese master Tsai Ming Liang and shot on location in Kuala Lumpur, has received nominations for Best Supporting Actress (Perlly Chua) and Best Sound effect. I DON'T WANT TO SLEEP ALONE will be released in Singapore in 2007.

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The Queen:

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The 43rd Golden Horse Award Competition Nominees

Best Feature Film

Crazy Stone
Perhaps Love
After This Our Exile

Best Director
NING Hao ( Crazy Stone )
Johnnie TO ( Exiled )
SU Chao Pin ( Silk )
Peter CHAN Ho Sun ( Perhaps Love )

Best Leading Actor
Sam LEE ( Dog Bite Dog )
Francis NG ( Wo Hu )
KWOK Fu Shing ( After This Our Exile )
CHANG Chen ( The Go Master )

Best Leading Actress
SIQIN Gaowa ( The Postmodern Life of My Aunt )
LEE Sinje ( Re-cycle )
ZHOU Xun ( Perhaps Love )
Carina LAU ( Curiosity Kills The Cat )

Best Supporting Actor
Chapman TO ( Moonlight in Tokyo )
WU Zhong Tian ( The Touch of Fate )
GOUM Ian Iskandar ( After This Our Exile )
Joseph CHANG ( Eternal Summer )

Best Supporting Actress
Amy CHUM ( My Mother Is A Belly Dancer )
ZHAO Wei ( The Postmodern Life of My Aunt )
Nikki SHIE ( Reflections )
Pearlly CHUA ( I Don't Want To Sleep Alone )

Best New Performer
WU Zhong Tian ( The Touch of Fate )
Goum Ian Iskandar ( After This Our Exile )
Bryant CHANG ( Eternal Summer )
Joseph CHANG ( Eternal Summer )

Best Original Screenplay
NING Hao ( Crazy Stone )
SU Chao Pin ( Silk )
PAN Zhi Yuan, LIU Hsueh Jung ( The Touch of Fate )
TAM Ka Ming, TIAN Koi Leong ( After This Our Exile )

Best Screenplay Adaption
NING Dai, ZHANG Yuan ( Little Red Flowers )
LI Qiang ( The Postmodern Life of My Aunt )
Edmond WONG ( Dragon Tiger Gate )

Best Cinematography
ZHANG Li ( The Banquet )
Peter PAU ( Perhaps Love )
Mark LEE Ping Bing ( After This Our Exile )
WANG Yu ( The Go Master )

Best Visual Effects
NG Yuen Fai ( Re-cycle )
FOO Sing Choong ( Silk )
HO Siu Lun, Pornpol Sakarin ( Perhaps Love )
Eddy WONG, Victor WONG ( A Chinese Tall Story )

Best Art Direction
Tim YIP ( The Banquet )
Narongchai Aunn-Jai ( Re-cycle )
YEE Chung Man, Pater WONG ( Perhaps Love )
Emi Wada, Etsuko Aikou ( The Go Master )

Best Makeup & Costume Design
Tim YIP ( The Banquet )
YEE Chung Man, Dora NG ( Perhaps Love )
TAM Ka Ming, TU Hsu Chung ( After This Our Exile )
Emi Wada ( The Go Master )

Best Action Choreography
LING Chun Pong, WONG Chi Wai ( Exiled )
Donnie YEN ( Dragon Tiger Gate )
Stephen TUNG, Farah KHAN ( Perhaps Love )
YUAN Woo Ping ( Huo Yuan Jia )

Best Original Film Score
TAN Dun ( The Banquet )
Peter KAM ( Silk )
Peter KAM, Leon KO ( Perhaps Love )
LIM Giong ( Do Over )

Best Original Film Song
Longing in Silence ( The Banquet)
Crossroad ( Perhaps Love)
Urge ( Reflections)
Eternal Summer ( Eternal Summer)

Best Film Editing
DU Yuan ( Crazy Stone )
David Richardson ( Exiled )
Wenders LI, KONG Chi Leung(HKSE) ( Perhaps Love )
CHEN Po Wen ( Do Over )

Best Sound Effect
Jadet Chawang ( Re-cycle )
Kinson TSANG ( Perhaps Love )
TU Du Chi,GUO Li Chi,KE Yi Jun ( Amour- Legende )
TU Duu Chih, TANG Shiang Chu ( I Don't Want To Sleep Alone )

Confession Of Pain ~ Press Release from Hong Kong (25 Oct'06)

Media Asia Films’ HK$80m Christmas outing “Confession of Pain” will receive a pan-Asian release in mid-December. The film launched its promotional tour yesterday with a major press conference in Hangzhou. The two female leads, Shu Qi and Xu Jinglei, were present along with the directing duo Andrew Lau and Alan Mak. The two leading men were unfortunately absent because of schedule conflicts.

Xu is a renowned intellect in China, and she is pleasantly surprised to know that she and Shu Qi have the same birthday. This exhilarates Shu because she has been an avid admirer of Xu, yet they didn't share a single scene together in this film. Xu also likes her co-star and believe they both share the same personality traits.

Although the two male stars were absent, it certainly didn’t stop the press from talking about them. When being asked about the sizzling scene between Takeshi Kaneshiro and her, Shu Qi revealed a grin. “Actually, these scenes were not intimate at all. We just held hands, kissed and slept together. It's nothing special.”

Xu was more elaborate on the impressions with the male counterparts. “Takeshi is really handsome! He looks great in whichever camera angle, and that is truly remarkable. But Tony Leung is magnificent. When he's in front of the camera, his eyes can reveal the story behind his character. He is undoubtedly a gifted actor, and he can stop anyone’s heartbeat with a single glance!"


Monday, October 23, 2006

DEATH NOTE Tops Local Box Office

DEATH NOTE, the film adaptation of the popular Japanese manga of the same name, took the number one box office spot in Singapore last weekend. The movie grossed a total of SGD $ 495, 560 and attracted 54,133 moviegoers since its release last Thursday, on 25 screens throughout Singapore.

Together with its sneaks from October 13 to 15, the current box office (as at Sunday, October 21) amounted to SGD $ 626,168 with a total admission of 67,881. This is the first Japanese film to garner such positive results in since 2003. Golden Village Pictures and Encore Films are confident that DEATH NOTE will continue to do well when it moves into the second week.

DEATH NOTE tells the story of a gifted university student who possessed a special notebook, which was dropped by the God of Death.

The sequel, DEATH NOTE 2 the Last name, will be released in Japan and Hong Kong next Friday, November 3. Lead actors Tatsuya Fujiwara (Light), Ken'ichi Matsuyama (L) and Erika Toda (Misa) will be gracing the gala premiere in Hong Kong this Saturday, October 28.

DEATH NOTE 2 the Last name is set to open in Singapore on December 28, 2006.

Source: Golden Village Pictures and Encore Films

Movie Talent Search for Kelvin Tong's Men In White

InnoForm Media and Crocodile International are proud to announce a talent search contest for Kelvin Tong's upcoming movie Men in White. The talent search contest, I Want To Be A Movie Star is organized by clothing apparel giant Crocodile International, a partner in this movie project and initiated by InnoForm Media & Boku Films. This talent search contest hopes to uncover acting talents in Singapore and give these talents a chance to star in a movie.

The talent search is open to all male Singaporeans and permanent residents aged between 18 to 29 years. The closing date is 3rd November and the finals will be held on 18th November. This movie is on the lookout for a male contestant who will possibly get to star a lead role in Kelvin Tong's Men in White.

Interested candidates can submit their particulars and photos to the organisers via email to or mail to:

"I Want To Be A Movie Star"
Crocodile International
3 Ubi Road Ave 3
#07-00 Crocodile House
Singapore 408857

The candidate cannot be represented by a talent agency or have an existing talent contract and must appear in a Crocodile shirt or outfit in the photo.

Lim Teck, General Manager of InnoForm Media says, "This is a great start to launch our exciting movie. We believe there are many potential candidates in Singapore who have the makings of a movie star. If there is a right fit, we will look into grooming and paving the way for him in the movie industry.

Terence Ang, Head of Marcom, Crocodile International says, "Being a homegrown brand, we believe in nurturing and giving opportunities to individual Singaporeans to jump start their career in any form of Arts scene. With presence in more than 10 Asia countries, Crocodile will provide a good platform for the selected candidate to gain international exposure."

Kelvin Tong, director of Men in White says, "The Singapore film industry is growing rapidly and we need our own Tony Leungs, Andy Laus and Tom Cruises. This talent search is a clarion call for all those who believe they can light up the big screen to step forward and be a part of Singapore cinema."

Men in White talks about four Singaporeans who die on the same day and find themselves back on the streets as clueless ghosts. This movie is scheduled to start production in December this year.

Friday, October 20, 2006

"Confession of Pain" Takes on "Golden Flower" in December

The "Confession of Pain" release in December will put itself at loggerheads with “Curse of the Golden Flower”, but Director Andrew Lau remains highly optimistic.

“The market is already saturated with martial arts epics by the same creative talents. They may score at the box office, but they are mostly panned by the critics. ‘Golden Flower’ is riding on an unprecedented momentum, and most filmmakers are more than happy to avoid going against it. But we’re undaunted because we believe the audience needs alternatives. Our cast is as stellar as theirs, and our film is of a different genre. It’s costume against contemporary, so every audience has a choice.”

“Confession of Pain” remained under the media radar during production, a stark contrast to other event titles such as “The Banquet” and “Golden Flower”. Yet it attests to Andrew Lau’s modus operandi – “results speak louder than words”.

Director Andrew Lau is confident that this film will overshadow their phenomenal “Infernal Affairs”. It features the hottest screen idols in Asia, including Tony Leung Chiu-wai, Takeshi Kaneshiro, Shu Qi and Xu Jinglei.

Opening on 14 December 2006

For more information, Visit Moviexclusive's Confession of Pain page

Source from Shaw & MediaAsia

Thursday, October 19, 2006

The 10th German Film Festival (3 to 11 November 2006)

From 3 to 11 November 2006 the Goethe-Institut Singapore presents an impressive range of contemporary award-winning German films.For screening schedule and other details:

Screening Venue 1: The Cathay Cineplex Tickets at $10 each. $8 for members of Goethe-Institut.

Screening Venue 2: National Museum of Singapore Tickets at $6 each. $4 for members of Goethe-Institut.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Asian Festival of 1st Films (AFFF) announces nominees

Singapore, 18 October 2006 – Come 25th October and Asia’s prestigious film festival for first-time filmmakers, the Asian Festival of 1st Films (AFFF), will announce nominations for the second year of the festival.

In September, an international selection committee made up of eminent filmmakers, producers and directors including Alex Law (Hong Kong), Kunal Kohli (India), Raymond Lee (Philippines), Daw Ming Lee (Taiwan) and Sirkka Moeller (UK) congregated in Singapore and watched over 300 hours of film and documentaries and selected the nominees for AFFF 2006.

Out of 330 entries from 60 countries, the selection committee nominated 22 films and documentaries from across the world including China, France, Germany, Japan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, Israel, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and USA.

The nominated films will vie for the prestigious awards in 9 categories, which will be screened at the festival. Categories include Best Film, Best Director, Best Producer, Best Male Actor, Best Female Actor, Best Script/Screenplay, Best Cinematographer or Editor, Best Documentary, Best Director (Documentary).

After This Our Exile (of Cinema Festa Internazionale di Roma)

After This Our Exile is the long awaited return to film for one of the great masters of Hong Kong Cinema ~ Patrick Tam: a man whose distinguished career has made a significant contribution to the Hong Kong television and film industry. Many filmmakers cite Tam as an important influence in their filmmaking styles ~ a reputation enhanced by his position as pioneer of the Hong Kong “New Wave” Directors in the 1980s (a movement which included internationally renowned names such as Ann Hui, Tsui Hark and Allen Fung). He is a distinguished director, art director and editor with an innate sense of refined aesthetics and artistic sensibilities more often associated with European art-house films than Hong Kong Cinema.

Patrick Tam’s directing credits include classics such as The Sword, Love Massacre, Nomad, Final Victory, Burning Snow and My Heart Is That Eternal Rose. Tam is also known as one of the most sought after editors and art directors in Asia having edited the acclaimed Days Of Being Wild and Ashes Of Time for Wong Kar-wai and more recently Election for Johnnie To. After This Our Exile has been more than 10 years in the making and marks a highly anticipated return of the talented director.

Click here to our "After This Our Exile" movie page

Monday, October 16, 2006

InnoForm Media & Kelvin Tong's First Movie Collaboration

InnoForm Media is pleased to announce a first ever movie collaboration with local cutting edge director, Kelvin Tong. This is the first time InnoForm Media is co-producing a movie with Boku Films, Kelvin Tong's production house and the project is in association with clothing apparel giant Crocodile, a partner in this movie.

This Mandarin horror-comedy movie titled Men in White, scheduled for release in the second quarter of 2007. The movie is budgeted at US$500,000 and production will commence end of this year. The film will be shot entirely in Singapore and the four main male cast members will be unveiled at a later stage.

Mr Lim Teck, General Manager of InnoForm Media says, "This is an exciting project and a good start to work with Kelvin. This signifies the direction of InnoForm Media and we are looking at producing 5-6 movies for the next 2 years, through either investment or production deals.

InnoForm Media has recently invested in Jack Neo's Just Follow Law and is scheduled for Chinese New Year release in 2007.

Written and directed by Kelvin Tong, Men in White is about four Singaporeans who die on the same day and find themselves back on the streets as clueless ghosts. This movie will take on the scary from a completely new angle.

Widely regarded as one of Singapore's most talented movie directors, Kelvin Tong's previous works include The Maid which was recently awarded the 2006 Best Asian Film by European Fantastic Film Festival Federation at PIFAN, Korea.

Friday, October 13, 2006

From Local To Global Film Seminar

InnoForm Media is proud to present the From Local to Global Film Seminar by 2 of Singapore’s best directors - Royston Tan and Kelvin Tong. This is the first time ever that the 2 award winning directors are colloborating to share their movie making experiences. The seminar next Saturday is made possible only with the kind support of Crocodile and the National Library Board. This is a rare occasion where 2 of the best local filmmakers share their filming experiences with their fans and aspiring filmmakers. From Local to Global is an addition to the well received series of events “Directing Asia: Insights into Asian Cinema” where the library invites Asian film directors and producers to share their filming experiences on Asian Movies.

Iconic filmmakers in Singapore, Royston Tan and Kelvin Tong have produced films that won awards both locally and internationally. Despite the growing popularity of their works, they have not compromise artistic integrity with the demands of the mass audience.

In support of the local movie industry, InnoForm Media has re-issued Eating Air, the first film by acclaimed winning director Kelvin Tong on DVD and VCD. This is to allow more film lovers the chance to view what some critics have credited as probably the best local movie ever. The DVD version is a Special Collector’s Edition, which includes many extras and even a soundtrack consisting of 18 tracks from the film.

InnoForm Media is also proud to be launching the video release of 4:30, the latest work by director Royston Tan. The movie, which was the opening film at this year’s Singapore International Film Festival and competed at the Berlin Film Festival, was well received by movie-goers and critics alike during its release in June. The film is now available on DVD and VCD.

All members of the media are invited to cover the From Local to Global Film Seminar and the details are as follow:

Details of the Seminar:
From Local to Global Film Seminar
Venue: National Library at Victoria Street, The Pod, Level 16
Date: 14th October 2006
Time: 2:00 pm
Admission by tickets only.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Making Of The Band 3 - Danity Kane's debut album

“DANITY KANE,” the self-titled debut album from Bad Boy Records’ sensational new female quintet, has made a spectacular #1 debut on the SoundScan/Billboard 200 album chart. Driven by a rapidly spreading wildfire of fan demand, the album exploded to the top spot, upsetting releases by established multi-platinum artists OutKast and Christina Aguilera, and selling over 234,000 units in its first week.
The music industry’s newest Cinderella story, “DANITY KANE” is an out-of-the-box phenomenon at retail, selling nearly 90,000 units in its first day alone. The album quickly sold out at most stores across the country, prompting a massive effort by both the label and retail community to restock shelves overnight to meet demand. The album has shipped over half a million copies, with retail orders now topping the 625,000 mark. Meanwhile, on the digital front, “DANITY KANE” instantly became the #1 album on iTunes, with an average fan ranking of 4-and-a-half stars (out of 5).

The stars of P. Diddy’s hit MTV series Making the Band 3, Danity Kane has defied industry convention, with six-figure sales being generated almost exclusively from huge street buzz and exponential word-of-mouth - an unprecedented achievement for a new artist with little radio airplay.

Bad Boy CEO Sean “P. Diddy” Combs said: “This is an historic moment for Bad Boy Records and Danity Kane. These are five hugely talented women, and they worked amazingly hard to make their dream come true. I want to thank all our friends at MTV for their great support in helping us make the band. Danity Kane is the real deal. I knew it from the beginning, the fans knew it from the beginning, and now the whole industry knows it. The people have spoken.” “Danity Kane hitting number one represents another amazing chapter in our relationship with P. Diddy and Bad Boy,” said Christina Norman, President, MTV. “As millions of MTV viewers

witnessed first hand on ‘Making the Band,’ these ladies earned their success through hard work, determination and raw talent.” “When P. Diddy and I joined together to find an international supergroup, we knew it had to be a group that would stand out above the rest and set the standard for others to follow,” said Danity Kane’s manager Johnny Wright. “The talented ladies of Danity Kane are just that. I'm blessed to have found them and look forward to helping to guide them to be the best in the business.” “The formula works like this: P. Diddy, Bad Boy Records, talented and beautiful artists, and the marketing strategy,” said Steve Lerner, Circuit City’s Senior National Buyer/Music. “It’s the culmination of many factors, and Danity Kane actually brings back the excitement of what the music business is all about - Artist Development!”

“Danity Kane is an amazing artist development story,” noted Virgin Megastore Sr. Product Manager Jerry Suarez. “For us we were pleasantly surprised, just another indication that if you put a good record together people will buy it. Bad Boy did a great job creating excitement for this release, but that doesn't always sell records. You need to put together a solid release, and they delivered. Bad Boy is doing a great job of being a strong, diversified label."

“Danity ‘Co-Kane’… people are fiendin’ for it!” commented Violet Brown, Director of Urban Music for Trans World Entertainment. “It is great to have a new title of this magnitude!” The video for Danity Kane’s first single, “Show Stopper,” is in Big 10 (heavy) rotation on MTV and is the #1 most-streamed video on, where Danity Kane also has the #1 most-visited artist page. The group’s MySpace page has racked up nearly 14 million audio plays, with 11 million plays in just the last week alone. The group now has over 325,000 friends on their site and is the #2 ranked MySpace artist, just behind fellow Bad Boy artist Yung Joc.
The Jim Jonsin-produced “Show Stopper” debuted at #5 last week on Billboard’s Hot Digital Songs chart. Danity Kane is the #4 most searched artist on Yahoo! Music, where “Show Stopper” has jumped from #56 to #11 in one week. At AOL Music, “Show Stopper” is the #4-ranked song, while its companion video debuts this week at #11. On YouTube, the “Show Stopper” clip has been streamed over one million times.
In addition, “Show Stopper” was Warner Music Group’s #1 ringtone the week of 8/14, with sales over 90,000. As of this week, Danity Kane ringtones are being featured at every major mobile carrier.
Danity Kane is the latest in a string of #1 successes from Bad Boy Records. Most recently, Yung Joc’s debut album, “NEW JOC CITY” (Block Entertainment/ Bad Boy South), debuted at #1 on Billboard’s Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart. At the same time, the label has hit the top of the charts with current smash singles from both Yung Joc (“It’s Goin’ Down”) and new discovery Cassie (“Me & U”). “DANITY KANE” is Bad Boy’s seventh #1 album on the Billboard 200, following The Notorious B.I.G.’s “LIFE AFTER DEATH” and “BORN AGAIN,” Puff Daddy’s “NO WAY OUT,” Mase’s “HARLEM WORLD,” the “WE INVENTED THE REMIX” album, and the “BAD BOYS II” soundtrack.
* * * * *

Executive Produced by Sean “P. Diddy” Combs, “DANITY KANE” sees the five-girl outfit - Dawn, Aubrey, D. Woods, Shannon, and Aundrea - teaming up with some of today’s most successful and talented producers. Among the studio superstars bringing their skills to the album are such hip-hop and R&B icons as Timbaland, Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins, Mario Winans, Jim Jonsin, Bryan-Michael Cox, Rami, and Ryan Leslie. The album’s Co-Executive Producer is Bad Boy Executive Vice President Harve Pierre.
Dawn, Aubrey, D. Woods, Shannon, and Aundrea were the cream of the crop among hundreds of women competing for a spot in P. Diddy’s new super group during the taping of the smash MTV reality show, Making the Band 3. Though each of the five members of Danity Kane come from different backgrounds, all have a number of things in common that bond them as a full-fledged group - extraordinary talent, looks, personality, business savvy, an ability to perform under intense pressure, and a lifelong dream of making music.
The sound of Danity Kane meshes contributions from all five singers, resulting in a fluid and funky blend of voices that allows each member to assert her individuality while still uniting together as a whole.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Video sale at The Cineshop

There's a video sale at The Cineshop (The Cathay Level 5), ongoing now... DVDs from $5, VCDs from $2!! News from Cathay-Keris.

The Picturehouse Explores Little Red Flowers

Exploring the genesis of power: how power shapes personality, how power defines character.
Free will vs. control; the individual vs. the masses.

Saturday, 14 October 2006
at The Picturehouse Lounge, The Cathay Level 5 Free admission, open to the public

Movie Info and Review:

2:30 pm – Film Screening of LITTLE RED FLOWERS at The Picturehouse ($10)
4:00 pm – Film discussion led by Mr Tan Chee Lay at The Picturehouse Lounge (free)

Programme Information
Is this a children's film? Are the young naked bodies exposing more than just the old system?
What does the little red flower represent in Communist China? What has blossomed and what has wilted? Come join us in a film discussion that will open your mind to more than what meets the eye.

About the Speaker Mr Tan Chee Lay 陈志锐
Tan Chee Lay is currently working on his PhD dissertation on exiled Chinese poets and Misty poetry at St John’s College, University of Cambridge. He used to tutor the Chinese Language Elective Programme in Singapore after he graduated from the National Taiwan Normal University as a Public Service Commission scholar. He published the Hwa Chong Literary Series and inaugurated the 1st bilingual Singapore Student Literary Award in 2000. He has edited the literary website, The Grand Canal, literary magazines, Xin-Hua Wen-Xue, Shen-Tu Bu-Er and participated in various mentoring schemes for young talents.

Registration Information
Due to the limited seating capacity of The Picturehouse Lounge, priority of admission will be given to attendees who have registered with us. Registration Deadline: Friday, 13 October 2006

Please register by emailing the following information to
Number of Attendees / Names of ALL Attendees / Email Address / Contact Number

For more details:

A sneak peak at Andy Lau's A Battle of Wits

A roaring river
A mighty force
A besieged walled city of the weak and the young
A lone warrior arrives in the darkness of night
To be their savior
To fight an impossible battle

Andy Lau star as Gei Li, a remarkable savior in rags who stands alone in an endangered city with only one aim: to save a besieged walled city from the savage attack of a 25,000 strong army. While it appears to be a battle of bloodshed, the real battle will be a test of wits.

Opening on 23rd November!

Monday, October 09, 2006

My Summer of Love - special events

Best British Film of the Year in 2005 (BAFTA Awards), My Summer of Love will premiere at EUFF this weekend and have a special charity screening next week.

My Summer of Love will have its Singapore Premiere during the 16th European Film Festival, along with "Bullet Boy", as the United Kingdom's representatives. The Festival will run from 13 to 23 October and will be held at the new VivoCity Golden Village Cineplex. Additional information at & tickets at
On 16 October, at a second event, My Summer of Love's Charity Gala, 100% of the proceeds will be pledged to the Association of Women for Action and Research (AWARE) and Cat Welfare Society. The Charity Screening, organized by, will be held on Monday 16 October 2006, at 9 pm, at GV VivoCity. Ticket price: USD$20 (approx. S$30). Information & online booking:

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Watch Frank Miller's Official 300 Trailer!

Click on the picture above for the Official 300 Trailer by

"Go Spartans! "

Friday, October 06, 2006

The Guardian Webisodes

Excellent behind-the-scenes materials for the movie, The Guardian in glorious Quicktime.

1.) In Deep With Ashton

2.) Diving In With Ashton

3.) Making Waves With Ashton

4.) Making Waves With Kevin

5.) Real-Life Heroes

6.) Teacher-Student With Ashton (aka: Why Does He Look Cooler?)

7.) Teacher-Student With Kevin (aka: Rescue Swimmers)

The Guardian opens 26 Oct in Singapore, watch out for our review of it soon on!


Golden Village Multiplex is pleased to announce the opening of GV VivoCity, its ninth flagship cinema complex located at HarbourFront. It will be unveiled to the public this Saturday, 7 October at 12.30 pm with an open house tour, special promotions and a charity drive for the new Ren Ci Hospital at Irrawaddy Road.

$1 from all GV VivoCity ticket proceeds for the month of October 2006 will be donated to Ren Ci Hospital.

GV VivoCity sets a new benchmark for multiplexes in Singapore by introducing the latest world-class features coupled with 4 different cinema types under one roof designed to provide the ultimate movie experience.

o GVmax - the ultimate big screen experience in a gigantic, stadium-like auditorium with 602 seats and one of the widest screens in Asia (22.4 metres- the length of 2 SBS Buses combined).

o 3 Gold Class Cinemas – the ultimate in luxury movie viewing with a private lounge and plush electronic recliner seats comparable to First Class airline seats all equipped with call buttons for faster and more discreet service (seating capacities of 24, 38 and 48).

o 1 Cinema Europa – A business class cinema with a concept of “a film festival all year round” with arthouse movies, Asian films, local Singaporean productions, internal award winners, well loved classics and other film fare. Featuring digital sound in an intimate deluxe stadium seating auditorium (108 seats).

o 10 New Stadium Cinemas – with state-of-the-art facilities where every seat in every hall is the best in the house - with radiused stadium seating, extra wide legroom and wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling screens.

Films lined up for the opening on 7 October includes: The Departed, World Trade Centre, You, Me & Dupree, Hustle & Flow (exclusive), American Dreamz (exclusive), Thank you for Smoking (exclusive re-release), The Night Listener Stay Alive, The Wedding Curse, Little Miss Sunshine, Lower City, Rob-B-Hood, Miami Vice, John Tucker Must Die, Haunted Apartments, Scoop.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Wah Lau Eh! Singapore Dreaming Won!

In case you're not aware, Singapore Dreaming WON an award at the San Sebastian Film Festival!

Woo Yen Yen and Colin Goh picked up the Montblanc New Screenwriters Award!

Playing to total sell out crowds in its 4 screenings at San Sebastian some more you know? To find out more about the festival proceedings, you can click onto their blog.

Congratulations to the cast and crew of Singapore Dreaming in this win! This augers well for our budding movie scene!

And yes, it's still playing in local theatres, so if you haven't watched it yet, GO!

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