Monday, June 30, 2008

We long for you...Wall.Eeeeeeeeeee

The latest Disney•Pixar computer-animated wonder, “WALL•E”, sets off to a record high as it grossed an estimated US$62.5 million in its 3-day U.S. opening weekend. Pixar continues to hold a perfect track record as “WALL•E” delivers the studios’ 9th consecutive top spot debut at the box office. It is the fourth highest opening following The Incredibles (US$70.5 million), Finding Nemo (US$70.3 million) and Monsters, Inc. (US$62.6 million). We will only get to see “WALL•E” on 28th August however. Almost 2 months from now.

Witness the Tales of Despereaux

Based on the book written by Kate Dicamillo and illustrated by Timothy B. Ering, "Tales of Despereaux" is about a brave and virtuous mouse, Despereaux. Though tiny, wheezy and saddled with comically oversized ears, Despereaux refuses to live a life of weakness and fear...believing he was destined to be celebrated in the tales of chivalry he so adores. Featuring an all-star ensemble voice cast including Matthew Broderick, Dustin Hoffman, Kevin Kline, Christopher Lloyd, William H. Macy, Stanley Tucci, Emma Watson and Sigourney Weaver. The movie is slated to open in Singapore on 12 March 2009.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Are You Ready to Face the new Saw Poster?

Fans of the Saw Franchise Alert! Saw V just gotten a new Poster that as cool as the previous installments.

And it's not missing the Halloween dates ! extending the Halloween Release Date's streak for the fifth consecutive year ...

Rumours are that various questions will be answered (and I suspect that even more questions will pop out) and revelations of various Jigsaw's trademarks will be revealed. It was also said that the director had actually filmed 3 different endings for Saw V (a bit overkill if you ask me but hey it's) ... probably to keep everyone guessing what will be the eventual ending

Coverage Of The First Singapore Toy & Comic Convention

The first Singapore Toy & Comic Convention is finally here! Although Wang Chak of "Old Master Q" couldn't be here due to some personal reason, there's still Simone Legno of "Tokidoki" and Shinichiro Katai of "Devil Robots". Transformers fans and other toy collectors might find some good bargains at the various stalls, you can also try out the latest Nintendo games as well. There are plenty of gems to look around although you might find it very much smaller in scale as compared to our Western counterparts. Bear in mind that this is only the first Toy & Comic convention in Singapore. You guys need to be there on the ground to show your support and prove to everyone Singapore deserves a show like this one annually. So don't hesitate and see you at Suntec Hall 603 this weekend! View our photo slide and coverage.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Spot The Difference

On the left is the international version of "Deception" poster and on the right is the local version. We are sure you can spot one major difference between the two. Kudos to the magic of photoshop which allows the creativity of including one more headcount. Obviously the inclusion of Maggie Q is dedicated to the Asian audience. Do you for the record like such arrangement?

First Look at Quantum of Solace

Moviegoers eager for their first look at "Quantum of Solace", the highly anticipated 22nd James Bond adventure will be able to catch the new theatrical trailer on the internet Monday, June 30th and in theaters when it is attached to Columbia Pictures’ Hancock. The trailer will make its debut on internationally in an exclusive two-hour window Monday morning, 9:00am – 11:00am PDT (Singapore time: 12:00am June 30th – 2:00am July 1st). Quantum of Solace will be released in Singapore on November 6, 2008.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Singapore Toy & Comic Convention 2008

It's only 3 days away to the first-ever Singapore Toy & Comic Convention! Blasting off on 27-29 June 2008, the convention will feature a host of toys, comics, animation, gaming, design, licensing and Cosplay from creative minds from all over the world. Highlights include screening tickets to the Asian Premiere of Batman: Gotham Knight, walk away with a special Happy Tree Friends bundle and meeting internationally-acclaimed artists. Watch out for more photos and coverage on MX!


OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! Amazon is offering the blu-ray version of the monster hit, "Cloverfield" at US$16.95 which rounds up to only SGD$23 excluding shipping (won't know when the price will shift). While you don't get to see the creature much, at least you get to hear the survivors shouting in pure hi-def surround sound. OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Diamonds Are For Men Too

Emporio Armani seems to be busy lately getting celebs
to endorse their products. Besides David Beckham, Beyonce, the new Emporio Armani Diamonds for Men campaign stars Josh "30 Days of Night" Hartnett. Good for a career-lift since Hartnett has not been on the radar since his "Black Hawk Down" and "Pearl Harbor" days

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Kimchi Spaghetti Western? 좋은 놈, 나쁜 놈, 이상한 놈 alert

Yup, The Korean are having a go at Western Cowboy flicks and they are taking on the Classic Western "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly" with their own Kimchi flavour.

Starring Well Known Korean Stars, Jung Woo-sung (Daisy) Lee Byung-hun (A Bittersweet Life) and Song Kang-ho (The Host) as the respective "The Good, the Bad and The Weird". If you ask me, based on the trailer, it look like it's going to be one heck of a Western homage.

Check out the official Website at There are Trailers, Posters, Wallpapers and etc ...

Fellow Fans, Let's hope this Kimchi Spaghetti Western will come here soon ....

Ong Bak 2

There's only one Asian action star that could rival the likes of Jackie Chan. Tony Jaa, the daredevil from Thailand will be back in "Ong Bak 2" comes december in which audiences will see for the first time his newly developed fighting style that combines martial arts with ‘Khon’, a kind of Thai classical dance, originating before 1000AD. We can't wait....

Friday, June 20, 2008

Kallang Roar the Movie

Every year when it comes to August, one of the ways to show your patriotism besides flying our flag is to support local movies. Slated to grace our big screens in August are Jack Neo's "Money No Enough 2", Royston Tan's "12 Lotus" and now on August 21, "Kallang Roar". Inspired by real-life sporting figures and football heroes Quah Kim Song, Rajagopal, Dollah Kassim and coach Choo Seng Que. This film is a nostalgic throwback to Singapore's bygone soccer renaissance of the late 70's. Ask your dad who is Quah Kim Song and i'm sure he got tales to spin about Quah's heydays.

The Real-Life Zohan

David Beckham shows he can rival the fictional Zohan in his latest ad for Emporio Armani Underwear. Touted to be sexy, streamlined and made from modal and cotton for the utmost in luxurious comfort. Armani should consider sponsoring our team a dozen so that all of us can watch movies in comfort.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

It's Still Pandamonium at the Singapore Box Office

It proved to be a battle of epic proportions as DreamWorks Animation's Kung Fu Panda muscled its way over the Marvel Studio release, The Incredible Hulk, to maintain its top spot at the local box office for a second running week.

In a mere 11 days, Kung Fu Panda grossed $4,336,505 to become the biggest animation release of all-time in Singapore, beating previous record holder, Ratatouille. As of 18 June, it has garnered $4,656,874 in ticket sales and continues to kick up a storm at the local box office.

Who will suck in the $$$?

Both comedies "You Don't Mess with the Zohan" and "Get Smart" opens here in Singapore on the same day. Who will suck in the $$$ over the weekend? Bets are now open. Although both garner the same ratings on mx. We are thinking Zohan...

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

In Conversation with Jacob Wong (Locarno International Film Festival)

Film festival programming is a complex and under-examined process. Wonder how films are selected and what are the considerations of film programmers when deciding on films for their festivals? How do programmers balance a selection of cinematically experimental works with popular crowd-pleasers? Listen to Jacob Wong who has been the curator of the Hong Kong International Film Festival since 1997 at the library@esplanade on 21 June 2008 from 1pm to 2.30pm.

To register, please email with the subject heading "Asian Film Archive Presents: In Conversations with Jacob Wong" and provide your full name and email contact. Entry is free but by registration. First come first served.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Stan Winston 1946 - 2008

Visual effects guru Stan Winston passed away on sunday at the age of 62. The Oscar-winning master was behind many memorable movies such as "Aliens", "Terminator", "Jurassic Park" and the recent "Iron Man". Hollywood indeed has lost a truly iconic effects artist of our time. You can find out more about the remarkable career of Stan Winston right here in this book.

First Look at THE DAYS

The teaser for the local movie, "The Days" is out. Click here for the first look. Very young and dangerous eh...

Ultra Alert! The Super 8 Ultra Brothers

Fans of Ultraman who can't get enough of the Ultra team up in the last Ultraman 40th Anniverary Celebration Movie, Ultraman Mebius & Ultraman Brothers, it seems that our wish for more such Ultramen Teamup is coming true!

Not 3, Not 4 but 8 Ultramen in one Movie !!! The Super 8 Ultra Brothers will features Ultraman Mebius, the four senior Ultraman Brothers, (Ultraman, Ultraman 7, Ultraman Ace and Ultraman Jack) and Ultraman TDG (Tiga, Dyna and Gaia). It would be preferable that the focus would be on the newer Ultraman but it seems that the lead Ultraman in this movie would be Ultraman Tiga which was rather disappointing.

Nevertheless, let's hope that this movie is more in line with the 40th Anniversary Movie and eventually makes it's way to Singapore in one format or the other. I am sure there's at least one young Ultraman fan who will cream his pants when he read this news! (trouble is that it's too late now and it's his nap time)

Check it out! the trailer here (

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Woo & Cast coming for the Red Cliff

Acclaimed international Director John Woo will be in Singapore to promote RED CLIFF on 10th July. He will be joined by celebrity cast members Lin Chiling, Chang Chen and Zhang Fengyi. RED CLIFF tells the story of the famous Battle of Red Cliff, a decisive battle during the period of the Three Kingdoms in China, as told in the Chinese classic novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Produced and directed by John Woo, the movie brings together for the first time a stellar cast including Tony Leung Chiu-Wai, Takeshi Kaneshiro and Hu Jun. RED CLIFF will open in cinemas islandwide on 11th July 2008.

Friday, June 13, 2008

The Greatest Wizard Of Our Time Speaks

J.K. Rowling, author of the best-selling Harry Potter book series, delivers her Commencement Address, “The Fringe Benefits of Failure, and the Importance of Imagination,” at the Annual Meeting of the Harvard Alumni Association. A very inspiring speech to end the long working week. The live video recording and transcript can be view here.

Smile...Say PUNK'D

While he's not busy being Mr Moore, doing Punk'd and the occasional rom-com, the star of the recent sleeper hit, "What Happens in Vegas" actually models as well. Click here to see what Ashton Kutcher did for Nikon. Pretty sleek actually. An over-the-hill wife plus three stepdaughters to feed. He needs to work real hard.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Power of Woman

As Avon's Global Ambassador, Reese Witherspoon visited Japan to bring a message of empowerment and hope to the Asia Pacific region. Ms. Witherspoon was the guest of honor at a traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony where she met women who are breast cancer survivors. The "Rendition" star is Honorary Chairman of the Avon Foundation, which is focused on breast cancer, domestic violence and emergency relief initiatives, and is also the spokeswoman for Avon's beauty brands and Sales Representatives. She also highlighted critical concern for the plight and lack of support for women in the Asia region suffering from breast cancer. It's the power of woman.

In Conversation with Paolo Bertolin (Venice International Film Festival)

Film festival programming is a complex and under-examined process. Wonder how films are selected and what are the considerations of film programmers when deciding on films for their festivals? How do programmers balance a selection of cinematically experimental works with popular crowd-pleasers? Listen to Paolo Bertolin who is a member of the selecting committee of Venice International Film Festival at The Substation on 14 June 2008 from 3pm to 4.30pm.

To register, please email with the subject heading "Asian Film Archive Presents: In Conversations with Paolo Bertolin" and provide your full name and email contact. Entry is free but by registration. First come first served.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

MX - Hitwise Top 10 Award winner

Thanks to your support, is once again a Hitwise Top 10 Award winner for the quarter ending January - March 2008 based on market share of visits among all Singapore websites in the Hitwise Entertainment - Movies industry. (We were also a winner for the quarter ending Oct - Dec 2007). We look forward to your continual patronage and we promise more goodies are on the way.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Standees & Banners


Sunday, June 08, 2008

Don't Go Just Yet

Don't go yet. Remember to stay after the credits rolled for "Kung Fu Panda". There's a nice scene in the end which I find pretty meaningful. So don't be in a hurry to rush out, listen to the lush score by Hans Zimmer and John Powell while waiting.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Straight to Video #3 - Cleaner

With so many stars like Eva Mendes (Ghost Rider), Ed Harris (National Treasure 2), Keke Palmer (Akeelah and the Bee) and Samuel L Jackson (Snakes on a Plane) in this Renny Harlin (The Covenant ) directed flick, why does the Cleaner feel like a B grade movie or one of those straight to video “not so good” flicks? We check out CLEANER and see if the truth remains...

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Standees & Banners

The most no-brainer translation of all...try "Sex and the City".

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Wait! There's More to the Asia Line-up of 2008

To add on to the Asia Line-up of 2008, three more Asian titles are due on the big screen end of the year. "Butterfly Lovers", a martial arts period romance based on the classic Chinese novel 'Butterfly Lovers' and starring Taiwan's current hottest idol Wu Chun, Charlene Choi from 'Twins', the lovers will reunite on 11 September.

Also in the same month comes "Lady Cop and Papa Crook", helmed by Alan Mak and Felix Chong of "Confession of Pain", the latest project by the talented duo stars HK superstars Sammi Cheng and Eason Chan.

And yes, the long awaited Thai action star Tony Jaa will grace the screens in December with "Ong Bak 2", a sequel which features a completely new story and characters. (All dates subject to change so do visit us often for the latest updates, only on the top ranking independent movie website in Singapore!)

Monday, June 02, 2008

Michelangelo Antonioni Retrospective

Just when you thought the summer season has crowded out the multiplex with week-in-and-week-out of the same old yarn from the Hollywood blockbusters, trust the National Museum, and co-presenter the Italian Cultural Institute Singapore (btw, the Italian Film Festival is on from 4 to 15 June), to schedule a retrospect of films from Italian master Michelangelo Antonioni to provide a break from the monotonous razzle dazzle.

For the uninitiated like me, it's excellent opportunity to get up close and personal with his films on the big screen, and I believe it'll be a treat for many as well since a number of films for the retrospect is on 35mm.

Here's the schedule! Time to block book your calendar!
All films by Michelangelo Antonioni unless otherwise stated.

Thursday 19 June
7.30 pm Blowup

1966 / UK, Italy / 110 min / 35 mm / NC16

Friday 20 June
7.30 pm Zabriskie Point

1970 / Italy / 110 min / 35 mm / R21

Saturday 21 June (Free Admission. Submit email registration to
11.00 am Lo Sguardo Di Michelangelo / The Gaze of Michelangelo
2004 / Italy / 18 min / Beta / PG

Con Michelangelo
Dir: Enrica Antonioni
2005 / Italy / 58 min / Beta / PG

To Make a Film is to be Alive / Fare un film per me è vivere
Dir: Enrica Antonioni
1995 / Italy / 52 min / Beta / PG

(Total films duration: 128 min)

4.30 pm Short Films by Michelangelo Antonioni (1943 – 1953)
- People of the Po / Gente del Po
- Sanitation Department / N.U. - Nettezza Urbana
- Lies of Love / L'amorosa Menzogna
- Superstition / Superstizione
- Seven Reeds, One Suit / Sette Canne, Un Vestito
- The Villa of Monsters / La Villa Dei Mostri
- Virtigine
- Suicide Attempt / Tentato Suicidio
(Total duration: 81 min)

7.00 pm China / Chung Kuo – Cina
1972 / Italy / 217 min / 35 mm / Rating TBC
(With two five-minute intermissions)

Sunday 22 June
11.00 am Story of a Love Affair / Cronaca di un Amore

1950 / Italy / 110 min / 35 mm / Rating TBC

2.00 pm The Vanquished / I Vinti
1952 / Italy / 110 min / 35 mm / Rating TBC

4.30 pm The Lady Without Camelias / La Signora Senza Camelie
1953 / Italy / 105 min / 35 mm / Rating TBC

Thursday 26 June
7.30 pm The Adventure / L’avventura

1960 / Italy / 140 min / 35 mm / Rating TBC

Friday 27 June
7.30 pm The Night / La Notte

1961 / Italy / 122 min / 35 mm / Rating TBC

Saturday 28 June
11.00 am The Girlfriends / Le Amiche

1955 / Italy / 105 min / 35 mm / Rating TBC

4.30 pm The Outcry / Il Grido
1957 / Italy / 105 min / 35 mm / Rating TBC

7.30 pm The Eclipse / L'eclisse
1962 / Italy / 125 min / 35 mm / Rating TBC

Sunday 29 June
11.00 am Short Films by Michelangelo Antonioni (1978 – 1997)

- Return to Lisca Bianca / Ritorno a Lisca Bianca
- Fotoromanza
- Kumbha Mela
- Roma '90
- Volcanoes and Carnival / Noto Mandorli Vulcano Stromboli Carnevale
- Sicilia
Rating TBC
(Total duration: 69 min)

2.00 pm The Red Desert / Il Deserto Rosso
1964 / Italy / 120 min / 35 mm / Rating TBC

4.30 pm Visions of Reality
A Roundtable Discussion on the Cinema of Michelangelo Antonioni
(Free Admission. Submit email registration to

7.30 pm The Passenger / Professione: Reporter
1972 / Italy, Spain, France / 120 min / 35 mm / Rating TBC
Shown together with:
The Last Sequence of The Passenger / L'ultima Sequenza Di Professione: Reporter
Dir: André S. Labarthe
1974 / France, Italy / 12 min / Beta / Rating TBC

Thursday 3 July
7.30 pm The Mystery of Oberwald / Il mistero di Oberwald

1981 / Italy / 123 min / 35 mm / Rating TBC

Friday 4 July
7.30 pm Identification of a Woman / Identificazione Di Una Donna

1982 / Italy / 128 min / 35 mm / Rating TBC

Saturday 5 July (Free Admission. Submit email registration to
11.00 am Antonioni Seen by Antonioni / Antonioni Visto Da Antonioni
Dir: Lino Miccichè
1978 / Italy / 28 min / Beta / Rating TBC

Antonioni: The Vision That Changed Cinema / Antonioni, Lo Sguardo Che Cambio' Il Cinema
Dir: Carlo di Carlo
2001 / Italy / 60 min / Beta / Rating TBC
(Total duration: 88 min)

4.30 pm Blowup
1966 / UK, Italy / 110 min / 35 mm / NC16

7.30 pm Beyond the Clouds / Al Di Là Delle Nuvole
Dir: Michelangelo Antonioni with Wim Wenders
1995 / Italy, France, Germany / 109 min / 35 mm / Rating TBC

Sunday 6 July
11.00 am The Adventure / L’avventura

1960 / Italy / 140 min / 35 mm / Rating TBC

2.00 pm The Night / La Notte
1961 / Italy / 122 min / 35 mm / Rating TBC

4.30 pm The Eclipse / L'eclisse
1962 / Italy / 125 min / 35 mm / Rating TBC

Ticketing Information

Tickets are priced at $8.00 per session, with a concession price of $6.40 for students, seniors (aged above 60), NSF, and National Museum Members and Volunteers.

For a limited time, purchase five tickets or more for only $6.00 each. Offer is only available for counter sales and will end 11 June 2008.

Counter Sales
Visitor Services Counter: 10 am – 7.30 pm

Online Booking:

General enquiries: (65) 6332 3659 / (65) 6332 5642

Patrons are advised that a valid identity pass showing proof of age is required for all screenings. Please check for updates on film ratings.

You can also download the booklet with synopses and the schedule here (PDF file).

Sunday, June 01, 2008

It's Summer!

When blockbusters start to stream into cineplexes, expect the merchandises to follow closely as well. A movie never ends after the credits roll, time to open up your wallets and splurg on the related merchandises for your love ones and yourself. Here's some selections from the Taka Toy fair, now on till next sunday 8 June 2008.

Transformers Animated (Top choice for your boyfriends and husbands)

Lego Indiana Jones (20% off)

The Incredible Hulk (Power Smash Attack!)

Iron Man (Another best choice for your boyfriends and husbands)

Kungfu Panda (for your kids and the kid in you)

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