Wednesday, January 31, 2007

PROTÉGÉ Charity Screening to raise funds for the National Council Against Drug Abuse in support of the war against drugs

PROTÉGÉ, a powerful film with a strong anti-drug theme by producer Peter Chan and award-winning director Derek Yee is being pitched to raise funds for the National Council Against Drug Abuse (NCADA), and more importantly, to draw attention to the rising problems of drugs in the world today and the harm it can cause.

MediaCorp Raintree Pictures, together with local distributors Scorpio East Pictures and Golden Village Pictures are proud to be behind the release of PROTÉGÉ, the biggest movie out across Asia during this Chinese New Year festive period. The blockbuster is set to be released in China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan starting from 13 February.

"NCADA is happy to partner MediaCorp Raintree Pictures, Scorpio East Pictures and Golden Village Pictures in this premiere as the movie provides very good educational messages on the dangers of drug abuse. This is a wonderful opportunity and we are very glad for this support towards our anti-drug cause. Through PROTÉGÉ, we hope more can be aware and avoid becoming victims to drug abuse." says Mr Kong Mun Kwong, NCADA member.

Hong Kong actors Daniel Wu and Louis Koo have been invited to grace the red carpet event which is expected to attract not just their fans, but local celebrities and personalities as well who will be speaking up in support of the war against drugs.

Says Mr Daniel Yun, Managing Director of MediaCorp Raintree Pictures and executive producer of the movie, “We are very happy to be able to infuse such a strong, powerful and entertaining movie with an equally strong and powerful anti-drugs message for this festive period. That so many experienced filmmakers and big stars in the Asian movie industry have come together to produce such a film makes our involvement and effort here in Singapore a lot more meaningful and rewarding. “

The strong anti-drug message of the movie has attracted the sponsorship of TeleChoice International Limited (a company of Singapore Technologies Telemedia) to bulk purchase more than 300 tickets for their customers and corporate guests.

In the midst of Chinese New Year festivities and promotions, we felt strongly about supporting a film like PROTÉGÉ as it brings with it a larger cause than mere entertainment. It is a vehicle in delivering a message that everyone, especially the youths need to be aware of and only with knowledge can the battle against drugs be won. As such, we are standing up in support of both the film and for NCADA and we hope to help our customers learn more about issues such as these,” comments Miss Pauline Wong, Vice President of Distribution at TeleChoice.

Tickets to the PROTÉGÉ Charity Gala Screening are now available to the public at $35 each, with proceeds going to NCADA to support their anti-drug education and prevention programmes. This charity screening is scheduled to take place on 12 February (Monday) at GV VivoCity at 9pm. Purchase of the charity tickets may be made online at Tax rebate forms are also available to be downloaded from the website.

This never-before behind the scenes take on the drug trafficking industry stars award-winning actors Andy Lau, Daniel Wu, Anita Yuen and Louis Koo from Hong Kong, as well as Zhang Jingchu from China in the leading roles. Shot on location in Hong Kong and in Thailand, director Derek Yee reveals the ways of the drug traffickers and the fate of most drug users with brutal honesty.

PROTÉGÉ is presented by Artforce International, MediaCorp Raintree Pictures, Global Entertainment Group, China Film Group and Beijing Polybana Film Publishing; co-presented by Beijing Jin Ying Ma Group; with production managed by Film Unlimited and international distribution by ARM Distribution.

PROTÉGÉ opens in Singapore cinemas from 15 February.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Romance blooms with latest Korean drama Alone In Love

Starring Korean superstar Son Ye-Jin ("April Snow", "Crazy First Love") and
the highly acclaimed Gam Woo-Sung (last seen in "The King and the Crown"),
Alone In Love revolves around a divorced couple who struggles to let go of
each other.

Lee Dong-jin and Yoo Eun-ho divorced 2 years ago, but kept in contact for
some strange reasons. They continue meeting up at the donut shop, a place
they frequent during their dating days and kept checking on the status of
each other's love life.

Despite being divorced, they make excuses to meet up during wedding
anniversary and their divorce date. Unlike young couple who rush in and out
of marriage impulsively, the couple truly loves each other. Things start
getting complicated as people around them and even they themselves can't
seem to tolerate their single hood and they start introducing friends to
each other in hope that the other will find a partner.

Product Details
Release Date: 26th January
Rating/ Consumer Advice: PG
Dialogue & Subtitles: Korean/ Mandarin Dialogue, Chinese Subtitles
Recommended Retail Price:
VCD $36.90 before GST (VCD; 16 discs set)

Kenneth Bi's blog on the making of the HK film, "The Drummer"

(Picture from Kenneth Bi's blog)

If you have been wondering what director Kenneth Bi been up to recently, here's his blog on the making of his latest HK film, "The Drummer" starring Jaycee Chan (aka Jackie Chan Junior), Angelica Lee Sinje (aka Lee Sum Kit), Tony Leung Ka Fai and the world renowned Chinese drumming troupe, U Theatre.

There will be a series of 12 or more blogs and the first four, covering development and pre-production, are available at

You may also watch a 2-minute teaser for the film at

Ekachai turns on 'Pleasure Factory'

New feature film produced by his newly set up Spicy Apple Films has been shot entirely in Geylang. InnoForm has secured the film’s domestic rights.

Award-winning writer/director Ekachai Uekrongtham (Beautiful Boxer) has wrapped principal photography of his new Mandarin feature Pleasure Factory, produced by his newly set up Singapore-based Spicy Apple Films.

Slated for release in local cinemas after the 2nd Quarter of 2007, the film is written and directed by Uekrongtham. It’s the first production to have been shot entirely on actual locations in Geylang, Singapore's well-known red light district.

InnoForm Media has come on board as co-investor for the film and holds the film's domestic rights. World sales for international territories will be handled by an international sales agent, details of which will be separately announced.

Inspired by true stories and real-life characters, Pleasure Factory tells an intimate, intriguing and seductive tale involving pleasure seekers and pleasure providers in Geylang.

It started with Red Bull

Uekrongtham, who is also the founder and artistic director of local theatre company ACTION Theatre, stepped into Geylang the first time when he was a management trainee with a trading firm. "I was handing out free sample bottles of Red Bull to prostitutes and their customers. As I walked through the dark alleys of Geylang night after night, I felt repulsed, intrigued, fascinated and strangely moved - in that order."

Adds Uekrongtham, "With Pleasure Factory, I'd like to strip bare the shields that prevent characters in the film from experiencing true pleasure.”

Stars of Ang Lee's classic and Thailand's horror hit clock in

Pleasure Factory stars Golden Horse Best Actress Yang Kuei-Mei (Ang Lee's Eat Drink Man Woman, Tsai Ming-Liang's The Wayward Cloud) and Ananda Everingham (Thai horror smash hit Shutter) alongside a cast of fresh talents found through street casting in Geylang and around Singapore.

Yang plays a pleasure provider who witnesses a young girl being inducted into the pleasure manufacturing process. Everingham plays an expatriate art director who roams the streets of Geylang after an unexpected encounter at a road-side Mama store.

The film's Director of Photography is Brian Gothong Tan, hailed as one of the most exciting multi-media artists to have emerged from Singapore. Pleasure Factory represents the second time Uekrongtham and Tan has collaborated. The two first worked together on a stage production in 2002.

Uekrongtham's internationally acclaimed feature film debut Beautiful Boxer, based on the life of Thailand's famed transsexual kickboxer, has won 15 international awards to date. It has also been sold to more than 30 countries and invited to over 100 film festivals around the world.

InnoForm Media's General Manager Lim Teck says, "We are very happy to be part of this production, and has utmost faith in Ekachai to deliver a good movie. We are always on the lookout to be involved in good projects, and this film is certainly a very promising one.”

InnoForm is also co-producing a Mandarin horror comedy Men In White with Singapore director Kelvin Tong's Boku Films. Next month, it’ll release local comedian Jack Neo's new social satire Just Follow Law in local cinemas.

Spicy Apple Films is currently developing a new set-in-Singapore Mandarin feature inspired by a true story of a father who advertises for sons-in-law, and a Thai-Singapore supernatural thriller to be shot in Singapore and Thailand.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

JUST FOLLOW LAW Offers a Treat to All Civil Servants!

JUST FOLLOW LAW, a satirical movie on local office politics, warmly invites all civil servants to catch an exclusive preview screening with their loved ones this Valentine’s Day! This Chinese New Year blockbuster is directed by Cultural Medallion Award recipient Jack Neo.

Civil servants just simply need to email their contact details to via their offices’ email accounts. 200 lucky winners will be invited, with a partner, to the screening of JUST FOLLOW LAW on 14th February at GV Plaza Singapura.

This special privilege not only serves as a modest reward to our civil servants, but also an opportunity for the working population to come to their consensus on the common and unnecessary problems faced everyday in their respective positions.

Jointly produced by J Team and Innoform Media, with distributor Golden Village Pictures, JUST FOLLOW LAW humorously explores the intricacies of office politics in Singapore, seen through the eyes of blue-collar worker Zui (Gurmit Singh) and Vice President Tanya (Fann Wong) who, through a freak accident, swap souls and bodies.

Both employees work at a company called WAS (Work Assistance Singapore), a government statutory board, that finds jobs and provides training for the unemployed. Zui and Tanya clash constantly over how Upper Management treats their subordinates and how subordinates’ bad attitude affects the company. After Zui and Tanya experience life in the shoes of the other, they better understand the challenges facing the workforce in Singapore and realize how, when some laws are followed to the letter, they result in the most ridiculous of situations.

JUST FOLLOW LAW, filmed entirely in Singapore, will be opening islandwide on 15th February in Singapore. It will get staggered releases in the following territories, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Brunei, thereafter.

Thursday, January 25, 2007


Principal photography of Anna & Anna commences on 18 Jan in Shanghai. Directed by Aubrey Lam from Hong Kong, Anna & Anna stars top China actor Lu Yi, award winning Hong Kong actress Karena Lam and popular Taiwanese model-actor Tender. The film will be shot on location in Shanghai and Singapore and is scheduled for theatrical release in Asia from July 2007.

The film tells a story about Anna (Karena Lam) who seems to have everything in life, from love to career, until her boss decides to post her to China. There she meets her ex-boyfriend, Ouyang (Lu Yi) and his wife, Si-Yu (Karena Lam) who looks exactly like her and later turns out to be her doppelganger. Love for her ex-beau rekindles and she decides to switch identities with Si-Yu for a week. Si-Yu then flies to Singapore where she falls in love with Billy (Tender), Anna’s current boyfriend. Realising that Ouyang is no longer the man she used to love, Anna desperately wants her old life back, but her doppelganger has plans of her own too.

Acclaimed scriptwriter/director Aubrey Lam (12 Nights and Hidden Track) will direct 2002 Golden Horse Awards Best Newcomer and Best Supporting Actress Karena Lam (July Rhapsody, Inner Sense and Silk), 2003 CCTV-MTV Best Male Artiste Lu Yi (Seven Swords, Jasmine Love and A Time to Love), and Taiwanese model-actor Tender (The Heirloom, Taiwan TV Series The Hospital) in this romantic thriller with music composed by a well-known Singaporean musician-song-writer, Dick Lee.

The film is presented by Ascension Pictures and is Singapore-based PIP Productions’ first co-production with China. Lotus Entertainment will be handling the worldwide sales of the film.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


The Illusionist has been nominated in the category of “Achievement in Cinematography” (Director of Photography - Dick Pope) in the upcoming 79th annual Academy Awards®.
The nominations were announced yesterday by in a nomination list released by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, organizers of the annual Academy Awards®. This is the first Academy Award®. nomination for Dick Pope.
Results of the nomination will be announced in the awards ceremony to be held on Monday, 25 February, 5pt/8et.

About The Illusionist:
A supernatural mystery set at the turn of 19th century Vienna, The Illusionist is a potent combination of romance, politics and magic. The film stars Academy Award® nominees Edward Norton (Fight Club, American History X) and Paul Giamatti (Cinderella Man, Sideways) as two men pitted against each other in a battle of wits.
The Illusionist is written and directed by Neil Burger, and features top-notch production values, including a haunting score by master contemporary composer Philip Glass. Screenplay is based on the short story, “Eisenheim the Illusionist” in Steven Millhauser’s “Barnum Museum”.

About the cinematography:
“All of Prague’s atmosphere physically represented the mental look Burger was after: “I wanted the film to have an almost ‘hand-cranked’ feel to it, not that we were actually going to use a hand-cranked camera…although for a time I did consider it. I wanted that look, not to make it seem old, but rather to take it out of time, beyond the world of rationality and into the realm of mystery and dream. Everything you see is real, recognizable, but somehow heightened. I wanted it to have a kind of sinister beauty—lovely on the surface, but with a disturbing, unnerving undertone.
“My other main reference for the look of the film,” continues Burger, “is an early color photography process called autochrome. It was invented by the Lumiere brothers, who, in the late 19th Century, were instrumental in creating all sorts of early cinematic effects. And they were also magicians! Autochromes have a very different kind of color and contrast palette. Some people think they’re hand-tinted, but they’re not. They are indeed photographic color, but what I like is that they have the emotional impact of black and white. I showed these references to [director of photography] Dick Pope and then together we translated it into the particular look for this story.”
Autochrome photography flourished from 1903 to the 1930’s and is unique in that each autochrome is a singular transparency image—there is no negative. Each image is captured on a specially-prepared glass plate that has been coated with tiny, colored starch grains (of red, green and blue), which is then covered in a layer of carbon black, filling in the spaces between the grains. Finally, a silver gelatine emulsion is applied over the color screen. When the plate is exposed, the base side is turned towards the subject being photographed, and the color screen acts as a filter over the emulsion. The developed plate renders a positive image with delicate color qualities. “
- excerpt from an interview with Director Neil Burger

The Illusionist is reviewed here on

Monday, January 22, 2007

Truth Be Told - Website and Trailer

The independent filmmaking scene in Singapore had an unprecedented number of movies making its cinematic debut last year, and this year there are a couple of projects in their final stages of production, which hopefully we'll be able to view in 2007. One of them is Truth Be Told.

Starring familiar faces from local television, first time feature film makers LIM Jee Nee (Producer/Writer) and TEO Eng Tiong (Producer/Director) seemed to have revisited the heartlands to base their story in, following local films like 12 Storeys (1997) and Singapore Dreaming (2006).

The trailers interestingly do not box the movie into any particular genre (until more clues are afforded), and can pass off as a mystery / horror / thriller all at the same time. I guess having in set in a relatively older housing estate like Tiong Bahru, has its advantages!


A new job as a television producer moves Renee Donovan (MediaCorp artiste Yvonne Lim) back to Singapore. Recently divorced, she is hoping to start a new life with her 6 year-old daughter and put the past behind her.

But on her first day of work, a current affairs assignment takes her back to a neighborhood she ran away from 10 years ago. There, an old neighbour, Old Teo (Liang Tian), recognizes her. At every turn, he threatens to reveal her secrets. As Renee struggles to cover her real identity to complete the assignment, she is forced to confront her past and the shameful secrets which surface as a result.

You can read the filmmakers' production blog, as they share their experiences and provide some insights into the dread faced by first time feature filmmakers locally.

Official Web Site

Truth Be Told Teaser (Embedded Quicktime)
Truth Be Told Teaser (Embedded Windows Media Player)

Truth Be Told Trailer (Embedded Quicktime)
Truth Be Told Trailer (Embedded Windows Media Player)

Excuse Me, I Am A Lady Challenge

InnoForm Media is proud to announce the release of the latest video releaseHanazakarino Kimitachihe In conjunction with this release,InnoForm Media and IMM are organizing a cross-dressing challenge Excuse Me,I Am A Lady for the ladies.

This challenge is open to all female age between 13 to 30 years old(parental consent is required for applicants below 18 years old). Theapplication closing date is 24 January 2007 and the challenge will be heldon 27 January 2007, 2.00pm at IMM Level 2 Stage. The emerged winner of thischallenge will walk away with a pair of VIP tickets to S.H.E. concert inSingapore, DVD player and other attractive prizes.

Interested candidates can submit their particulars (name, address, contactnumber, email address and age) and photos (before and after disguise) viaemail to: or mail to: 10 Ubi Crescent #05-88Ubi Techpark (Lobby E) Singapore 408564. For more information, please visit <> .

Hanazakarino Kimitachihe features Ella from one of the mostpopular Taiwanese female singing group, S.H.E. and Wu Zun from the latestTaiwanese boy band, Fahrenheit. It talks about a girl, Rui-Xi disguisingherself as a boy in order to enroll in the only-boys school, where her loveinterest, Yi-Quan studies. A series of amusing and comical events happenwhile Rui-Xi tries hard to maintain her disguise.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Men In White 《鬼啊鬼啊》Commences Production

Boku Films and InnoForm Media, in association with Crocodile International, are pleased to announce that principal photography production of the local movie Men In White 《鬼啊鬼啊》has commenced.

A simple Prayer Ceremony was held today at a film set off Tyrwhitt Road, where director Kelvin Tong and the cast members including MediaCorp artistes Shaun Chen and Ling Lee, Xavier Teo, Ben Yong, Alice Lim and David Aw attended.

At the Prayer Ceremony, it was announced that there will be cameo performances by popular MediaCorp Yes 933 radio DJs Dennis Chew and Siau Jiahui in the movie.

Also, it was announced that several regional distribution deals has been inked even before the movie’s completion. Distribution deals has been closed for the territories of Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei and Thailand. Established international distribution outfit Fortune Star has also come on board to represent as international sales agent for the movie.

The principal photography for Men In White 《鬼啊鬼啊》 is expected to end in mid-February and the movie has been tentatively set for theatrical release in June 2007.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

InnoForm Media Presents "Excuse Me, I Am A Lady" Challenge

InnoForm Media is proud to announce the release of the latest video release Hanazakarino Kimitachihe. In conjunction with this release, InnoForm Media and IMM are organizing a cross-dressing challenge Excuse Me, I Am A Lady for the ladies.

This challenge is open to all female age between 13 to 30 years old (parental consent is required for applicants below 18 years old). The application closing date is 24 January 2007 and the challenge will be held on 27 January 2007, 2.00pm at IMM Level 2 Stage. The emerged winner of this challenge will walk away with a pair of VIP tickets to S.H.E. concert in Singapore, DVD player and other attractive prizes.

Interested candidates can submit their particulars (name, address, contact number, email address and age) and photos (before and after disguise) via email to: or mail to: Lady Challenge Contest, 10 Ubi Crescent #05-88 Ubi Techpark (Lobby E) Singapore 408564. For more information, please visit

Hanazakarino Kimitachihe features Ella from one of the most popular Taiwanese female singing group, S.H.E. and Wu Zun from the latest Taiwanese boy band, Fahrenheit. It talks about a girl, Rui-Xi disguising herself as a boy in order to enroll in the only-boys school, where her love interest, Yi-Quan studies. A series of amusing and comical events happen while Rui-Xi tries hard to maintain her disguise.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Golden Globes 2007 Winners

The usual suspects won in a ceremony that held few surprises aside from a worn out Governor and hilarious acceptance speeches by the Brits.

Dreamgirls and The Queen had an exceptionally good night, with Babel taking home the top prize of the evening for Best Drama. Click on the links for the synopsis and upcoming reviews.

List of Winners for Film


Forest Whitaker - The Last King of Scotland

Helen Mirren - The Queen


Sasha Baron Cohen - Borat

Martin Scorcese - The Departed

The Painted Veil

Letters from Iwo Jima

The Queen

Eddie Murphy - Dreamgirls

Meryl Streep - The Devil Wears Prada


Song of the Heart- Happy Feet

Jennifer Hudson - Dreamgirls

*Images courtesy of WireImage

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Bootylicious Beyonce Belts it out in DREAMGIRLS! - Take a "Listen"

Beyonce gives a sizzling performance as Deena in DREAMGIRLS -
Keep an eye out for the uplifting new Beyonce single!

- Extracted from EMPIRE February 2007, courtesy of Sony BMG Singapore

Soundtrack release: 12 January 2007
Movie release: 22 February 2007

OST and movie reviews coming soon... right here on!

Friday, January 12, 2007


The Walt Disney Studios posted a record-breaking performance in 2006 as worldwide box office revenues climbed to a sensational $3.26 billion (as of 12/27/06) with Walt Disney Pictures “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest” capturing the #1 spot all over the world; Buena Vista Worldwide Home Entertainment setting an unprecedented domestic milestone with the top three bestselling DVD titles – “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest,” “Cars” and “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe”;
“High School Musical” and “Rascal Flatts” becoming the year’s number one and number two top-selling CD titles across all genres; and Disney Theatrical Productions celebrating the successful Broadway debuts of “Tarzan” and “Mary Poppins,” it was announced today, Thursday, December 28, by Dick Cook, chairman of The Walt Disney Studios.

Commenting on the announcement, Cook said, “In every area and on every level, 2006 was an extraordinary year for The Walt Disney Studios. At the worldwide box office, moviegoers everywhere were captivated by the latest incredible ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ adventure and there’s more surprises and thrills in store this coming May with ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End.’ John Lasseter’s exciting, inventive, and heartfelt film, ‘Cars,’ further demonstrated the worldwide appeal of Pixar’s great characters and storytelling. With the acquisition of Pixar, and the benefit of John and Ed Catmull’s leadership at Disney and Pixar, the Studio can look forward to a steady flow of great animated films for many years to come. Our worldwide home entertainment division continued to benefit from the Studio’s great box office successes and added some impressive new milestones of their own with the year’s three top domestic titles. Buena Vista Music Group enjoyed a record year with enormous hits from Rascal Flatts, ‘High School Musical,’ and ‘Hannah Montana,’ and had the top two selling CDs of the year across all genres. ‘Mary Poppins’ and ‘Tarzan’ had their bows on Broadway, adding to Buena Vista Theatrical Group’s amazing track record. And Miramax Films returned to its roots as a provider of quality independent and modestly budgeted films from outstanding filmmakers. The critical acclaim for films like ‘The Queen’ and ‘Venus’ are among their latest successes. I am very proud of the Studio’s phenomenal performance in 2006, and salute all the great members of the team that worked so hard to make this possible.”

At the box office, Disney’s “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest” became Buena Vista’s top domestic grosser of all-time with a tally of more than $423 million, while BVI posted a new record with its gross-to-date of $642 million. It was only the third film in industry history to cross $1 billion in global box office and in record time. Additionally, “Pirates” ranked number one for nine consecutive weeks at the international box office – the longest consecutive week reign of any film this century. Disney/Pixar’s latest computer-animated offering, “Cars” also revved up the box office, crossing the domestic finish line in second place with $244 million in ticket sales. The global performance of over $462 million made “Cars” the fifth consecutive Disney/Pixar production to achieve more than $400 million at the worldwide box office. The one-two punch of “Pirates” and “Cars” represents the first time in 20 years that the same studio had the year’s number one and two films domestically.

Buena Vista Pictures Distribution has passed the $1 billion mark for the 10th time, more than any other studio, and Buena Vista International marked an unprecedented 12th consecutive year with a 2006 box office gross of more than $1 billion.

Buena Vista Worldwide Home Entertainment achieved an industry milestone by having the top three selling DVDs in the domestic market. With over 10.5 million units sold in the first week alone, “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest” was on track to become the #1 live-action DVD seller of all-time, the #1 DVD of the year, and the #1 DVD of the holiday season. Disney/Pixar’s “Cars” was the worldwide best-selling animated title on DVD for 2006, and the year’s #2 top performer domestically. “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe” dominated the charts for the first half of 2006, and was the year’s #3 domestic best-seller. The home entertainment release of “High School Musical,” became the biggest TV movie DVD of all-time in most markets. Internationally, BVWHE performed well holding many of the top selling DVDs in most markets, with “Pirates,” “Narnia,” and “Cars” leading the pack.

Buena Vista Music Group achieved unprecedented success in 2006, culminating in 11 Grammy nominations – the most ever in the music group’s history. The Group’s biggest success for the year was the soundtrack to the hit Disney Channel Original Movie, “High School Musical,” which is the #1 top-selling album across all genres for the year-to-date, and has been certified triple platinum. Country superstars Rascal Flatts new CD, “Me and My Gang” also went triple platinum and holds the 2006 record for highest-selling debut week. The soundtrack to “Hannah Montana” is BVMG’s third #1 album of the year, and was recently certified double platinum.

Miramax Films took home the Oscar for Best Foreign-Language Film this year for its hard-hitting drama, “Tsotsi.” “The Queen,” directed by Stephen Frears and starring Helen Mirren, has received critical acclaim and nominations (including four Golden Globes – Best Motion Picture, Best Director, Best Performance by an Actress and Best Screenplay) from numerous critics around the world. The year-end release of “Venus,” starring Peter O’Toole has received similar attention.

Buena Vista Theatrical Group added to its impressive track record with the Broadway debuts of “Tarzan” and “Mary Poppins.” “Beauty and the Beast” celebrated its 12th anniversary on Broadway and became the sixth longest-running show in Broadway history. In 2007, “The Lion King” will celebrate its 10th year in New York. It has been seen by nearly 40 million people worldwide. A new musical based on the 1989 animated film, “The Little Mermaid,” will make its world premiere in Denver in June 2007.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Francis Ng at the NLB

HK star Francis Ng was at the NLB last saturday, 6 Jan 2007 for talk. Here's some photos from the event. Look out for our coverage of the ONE LAST DANCE gala and interviews. But first, here's the review of ONE LAST DANCE.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Death Note 2 the Last name- The Battle is NOW on

*Death Note 2 the Last name* fever has now caught on in Singapore and all over Asia, setting movie goers and fans in a frenzy once again!

In Japan, it grossed over 5 billion yen (approximately US$41mil)! And in Hong Kong, it ended with a big bang at US$1.9mil with Taiwan leading close behind at US$1.16mil at Week 6!

Here in Singapore, the wave has just begun.

The advance sales of the first Death Note marathon session started on 14 December and tickets were sold out within a few days.

Due to phenomenal demands from the public, Golden Village Pictures (GVP) added more sessions (ten in total) in order to satisfy the hungry fans out there.

Death Note became the *first movie ever to run marathon screenings from Friday, 29 December 2006 to Tuesday, 2 January 2007!

With impressive box office figures, Death Note 2 the Last name has already set two new records in Singapore:

1) Sneaks grossed $394k – All Time highest for a Japanese film
2) Opening week at Box Office was more than $979k – All Time biggest opening for a Japanese film, beating Death Note, Ju-On and The Ring!

As at 4 January, the gross Box Office has already exceeded S$1.4mil and this sequel looks set to usurp the gross Box Office of Death Note which ended its run at S$1.43mil.

Death Note 2 the Last name is also the No. 1 Asian Film in Singapore at last weekend’s Box Office!

Death Note 2: The Last Name is reviewed here at

Thursday, January 04, 2007



WINNER of BEST FIRST FEATURE2006 New York Film Critics Circle

5 NOMINATIONS for Best Director, Best Feature, Best Female Lead, Best Male Lead, Best First Screenplay2007 Film Independent Spirit Awards

Los Angeles Times Staff Writer, The Envelope - December 20, 2006 By James Bates,

Tiny ThinkFilm is getting more attention that it's had in its young life, thanks to accolades and praise for "Half Nelson" and the performance of star Ryan Gosling as an inner city teacher struggling with drug addiction.

The gritty drama has been picking up film critic awards, and received Independent Spirit Swards nominations for best feature, best male lead for Gosling, best female lead for Shareeka Epps and best director for Ryan Fleck, who also shares a best first screenplay nomination with Anna Boden.

"Half Nelson" is considered a breakthrough for ThinkFilm. Previously, the company was best known for award-winning documentaries such as the Oscar-winning "Born Into Brothels: Calcutta's Red Light Kids" and the Oscar-nominated "Murderball."

Founded by a group of former Lions Gate Entertainment executives, ThinkFilm was bought recently by Los Angeles entrepreneur and producer David Bergstein. Mark Urman, the company's top U.S. executive, spoke from ThinkFilm's offices in New York.

What's it's been like to get this kind of attention?

There's not a day that goes by when someone isn't in a position to read about "Half Nelson." That wasn't the case when it was in active theatrical release. Now, it's part of the dialogue. On the January-February cusp, when this film is about to come out on DVD, if the gods are good, it will be an Oscar nominee in a major category. It would make an enormous difference on DVD.

How important is this to the company as a whole?

It's very important to prove to important filmmakers and important actors that we will match their commitment with our own, and that we can get people to take their work seriously. We can get it noticed, and if we can get it noticed then they can may get the sort of accolades they probably are doing the film for in the first place.
This has been a very defining season for us. We've had an amazing run in a short period with four Oscar nominations in as many years. We started with nothing but a smile on our face, a shine on our shoes and our reputations.

When you first saw "Half Nelson" did you focus immediately on Ryan Gosling?

We thought that the performance would be the thing that would drive the film coming and going. When other people say it's an Oscar-caliber performance you can mount a campaign.
If you're doing it for vanity, for appearance's sake or because someone expects you to do it -- and you're us -- you're an idiot.

How involved has he been in promoting the film?

Ryan is a young man who is a serious actor. He's a little shy. Like many very serious actors, he's not that keen on doing publicity. He's not somebody you go to and say I need you to shill. But he's responding to invitations to show up to accept awards and do the interviews he's comfortable doing.
He's been a grateful, responsible and polite grown up by showing up and acknowledging the fact people are applauding him. People are often asked to strut. I don't think it's in Ryan.
But I said from Day One that his greatest contribution to this campaign is to have given his performance. When people see the performance, they will burn incense and all he has to do is say thank you. Who doesn't enjoy saying thank you?

Does it bother you that he wasn't nominated for a Golden Globe?

We didn't expect it. It's the sort of film that rarely shows up on their radar. They are lovely people, but they aren't on the beat. You have to bring everything to them. We weren't counting on it.

What was the strategy behind releasing the movie in late summer?

The plan was always predicated on an August release because it needed to be the first serious film of the year. It needed to get a leg up on the fall. We kept it in very narrow release in August so that, for most people's purposes, it was a post-Labor Day film and the first Oscar-caliber film that people would see.

How long was that planned?

I thought about it in January. If you are a movie that has everything at your disposal -- you're omnipresent and a big studio movie -- it doesn't require that much strategy. If you're an independent film, it's all about strategy. Plus, I can't afford to hire everybody to advertise it everywhere and to do everything that people with unlimited money are doing.
You have to really think about what works. The exact moment when you open the film is as important as anything else. "Half Nelson"- - same performance, same funding, same everything -- if it had opened Oct. 6 we wouldn't be having this conversation today.

How level is the awards playing field for you?

The whole business of campaigns has become just that. It isn't so much that you have to spend the money, but the perception has to be that you are spending money. It's a fine line between spending stupid money that you don't have to spend and spending just enough so people feel like he's a contender because he's getting support.

What is the campaign costing?

Just to get the film into everyone's hands, and to encourage them to see it, is not inexpensive.
How many DVDs are you sending out? I would say about 8,000.

How much are they?

With the cost of shipping and handling, you're talking -- depending on where they go -- about $7 to $10 per. You're spending a lot of money to get it into people's hands. Then there's all the other things you have to do. If you find yourself winning awards, you've got to buy the table and you've got to fly people to the awards.

HALF NELSON opens here on 1 Feb 2007 at The Picturehouse

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