Friday, January 05, 2007

Death Note 2 the Last name- The Battle is NOW on

*Death Note 2 the Last name* fever has now caught on in Singapore and all over Asia, setting movie goers and fans in a frenzy once again!

In Japan, it grossed over 5 billion yen (approximately US$41mil)! And in Hong Kong, it ended with a big bang at US$1.9mil with Taiwan leading close behind at US$1.16mil at Week 6!

Here in Singapore, the wave has just begun.

The advance sales of the first Death Note marathon session started on 14 December and tickets were sold out within a few days.

Due to phenomenal demands from the public, Golden Village Pictures (GVP) added more sessions (ten in total) in order to satisfy the hungry fans out there.

Death Note became the *first movie ever to run marathon screenings from Friday, 29 December 2006 to Tuesday, 2 January 2007!

With impressive box office figures, Death Note 2 the Last name has already set two new records in Singapore:

1) Sneaks grossed $394k – All Time highest for a Japanese film
2) Opening week at Box Office was more than $979k – All Time biggest opening for a Japanese film, beating Death Note, Ju-On and The Ring!

As at 4 January, the gross Box Office has already exceeded S$1.4mil and this sequel looks set to usurp the gross Box Office of Death Note which ended its run at S$1.43mil.

Death Note 2 the Last name is also the No. 1 Asian Film in Singapore at last weekend’s Box Office!

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