Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Romance blooms with latest Korean drama Alone In Love

Starring Korean superstar Son Ye-Jin ("April Snow", "Crazy First Love") and
the highly acclaimed Gam Woo-Sung (last seen in "The King and the Crown"),
Alone In Love revolves around a divorced couple who struggles to let go of
each other.

Lee Dong-jin and Yoo Eun-ho divorced 2 years ago, but kept in contact for
some strange reasons. They continue meeting up at the donut shop, a place
they frequent during their dating days and kept checking on the status of
each other's love life.

Despite being divorced, they make excuses to meet up during wedding
anniversary and their divorce date. Unlike young couple who rush in and out
of marriage impulsively, the couple truly loves each other. Things start
getting complicated as people around them and even they themselves can't
seem to tolerate their single hood and they start introducing friends to
each other in hope that the other will find a partner.

Product Details
Release Date: 26th January
Rating/ Consumer Advice: PG
Dialogue & Subtitles: Korean/ Mandarin Dialogue, Chinese Subtitles
Recommended Retail Price:
VCD $36.90 before GST (VCD; 16 discs set)

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