Sunday, October 31, 2010

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

His Face Sells...

Citizen Watch (China) Co. Ltd has signed on Takeshi Kaneshiro to be the brand newest ambassador. Citizen has announced "great innovations and a strong will power" as the theme of the new advertising image and is hoping Kaneshiro would help launch their biggest campaign in the entire history of China along with other Asian nations including HK, Taiwan and Singapore. Kansehiro is currently filming his third collaboration with Peter Chan in a martial-arts movie tentatively titled "Swordsmen". Donnie Yen and Tung Wei co-stars.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

PCK The Movie Out On DVD 28 October 2010...

Phua Chu Kang The Movie starring Gurmit Singh, Irene Ang, Henry Thia, Neo Swee Lin and Lim Kay Siu will be out on 28 October 2010 with English, Chinese, Malay subtitles with Making of  extra feature. Don't Play Play...

Monday, October 25, 2010


Clover Films and Cathay-Keris Films are pleased to announce that Korean action blockbuster A BETTER TOMORROW 《英雄本色之无敌者》, directed by Song Hae-Sung 宋海星, starring Joo Jin-Mo 朱镇模, Song Seung-Heon 宋承憲, Kim Kang-Woo 金康宇, Jo Han-Sun 趙漢善 will open in cinemas 31 December 2010 to usher in “A Better Tomorrow”. Lead actors Joo Jin-Mo 朱镇模 (200 Pounds Beauty) and Song Seung-Heon 宋承憲 (Autumn In My Heart) will also be in Singapore to promote the movie in December 2010.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Perfect Wedding is close to perfect....

Paranormal Activity 2 draws the crowds!

Courtesy of Deadline Hollywood, here's a scene outside the Loews Theatre in New York City for the special midnight sneak previews of Paramount's Paranormal Activity 2. In Singapore? You can already catch it at a cinema near you...

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sunday, October 17, 2010

What You Didn't See On TV II: Oh So Desperate

No, our free to air local TV didn't show you what you wanted to see about those housewives on Wisteria Lane. There were apparently some bits that were censored for a family friendly rating. So if you are a fan of these housewives (we know we are), go out and hunt down this 6 disc box set - rated M18 (Some Homosexual Content).

The All Mighty Edition is loaded with extras ("Bloopers", "Deleted Scenes", "Cherry-Picked: Creator Marc Cherry's Favourite Scenes", "Miss Piggy Gets Desperate" & "Master Class"), and relive the passion, the laughter and the mystery at the comfort of your own home!

We are rooting for you, housewives - go go girl power!

Desperate Housewives: The Complete Sixth Season is available at all good video stores

Saturday, October 16, 2010

What You Didn't See on TV: Ugly is the new Beautiful

If you think you have caught the entire season of Ugly Betty on our local free to air channel, think again. The 4 disc box set is rated M18 (Some Homosexual Content), so there would be some juicy stuff which was censored for the sake of our younger viewers.

Go get this box set loaded with bonus materials ("Betty Goes Bahamas", "Webisodes", "Betty Bloops", "Deleted Scenes" & "Audio Commentary") and follow the adventures of Betty Suarez as she navigates the world of high fashion in New York.

You go, Betty girl!

Ugly Betty: The Complete Fourth and Final Season is available at all good video stores

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dennis Chew 周崇庆 & Chua En Lai 蔡恩来 Collaborate For The First Time in "THE GHOSTS MUST BE CRAZY"

Directed by Boris Boo 巫培双, “THE DAY OFF“《鬼才给你OFF》tells the story of Ah Nan (John Cheng) and Ah Lei (Wang Lei) going for their annual in-camp training. Unfortunately, they meet a very “on” Platoon Commander and they know that they are going to suffer this time round. They decide to cheat for MC (medical certificate) but the Platoon Commander does not buy their idea and chases them away. Then, the Platoon Commander launches a series of rigorous training. Everyone is complaining, so Ah Nan and Ah Lei decide to play a trick on their Platoon Commander as a form of revenge. As they are about to start their revenge, a series of strange things happen……..

“Both Dennis and En Lai are popular and successful comedians in both Chinese and English markets in Singapore. It will create interest and curiosity when putting the duo together for the first time in a local hor-medy (horror and comedy). I hope that the on-screen chemistry between both Dennis and En Lai will lure everyone to catch them and their hilarious moments in the movie when it opens in cinemas,” says Director Boris Boo.

THE GHOSTS MUST BE CRAZY also features another story titled “GHOST BRIDE“《鬼才嫁给你》helmed by first-time director Mark Lee 李国煌. He is also starring in the movie alongside another local comedian, Henry Thia 程旭辉.  “THE GHOST MUST BE CRAZY” opens in local cinemas on 6 January 2011.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Social Network Tops US Box-Office for 2nd Weekend

The Facebook movie "The Social Network" has recorded the lowest second weekend drop of any #1 film at the American box office this year and topped the US box-office for the second weekend in succession.

A $15.5m take over the weekend (October 8 – 10) has lifted its US gross to $46.1m after 10 days on release, following overwhelmingly rave reviews from US critics (the film currently scores 97% on Rotten Tomatoes).

Directed by David Fincher, from a script by Aaron Sorkin, The Social Network stars Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield, and Justin Timberlake. It opens in Singapore Oct 28.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I will not be in 3D

Warner Bros Pictures has announced that “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1” will not be released in 3D as earlier planned.

"Despite everyone’s best efforts, we were unable to convert the film in its entirety and meet the highest standards of quality," said a statement from Warner Bros. "We do not want to disappoint fans who have long-anticipated the conclusion of this extraordinary journey, and to that end, we are releasing our film day-and-date on November 19, 2010 as planned."

Producer David Heyman said, “For 10 years, we have worked alongside Alan Horn and the studio, whose priority has always been to preserve the integrity of Jo Rowling’s books as we have adapted them to the screen, and this decision reflects that commitment.”

Director David Yates continued, “This decision, which we completely support, underscores the fact that Warner Bros. has always put quality first.”

Fans will have to wait till July 15, 2011, to see the first Harry Potter film in 3D when “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2” opens.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Stool Pigeon DVD

Reuniting the duo of Nick Cheung and Nicolas Tse from "Beast Stalker", Dante Lam's The Stool Pigeon DVD will be release on 28 October 2010. DVD will feature a Mandarin audio track with English, Chinese subtitles.

Friday, October 08, 2010

Thursday, October 07, 2010


DETECTIVE DEE AND THE MYSTERY OF THE PHANTOM FLAME 《通天神探狄仁杰》 has collected an encouraging S$677,000 at the local box office (as of 6th October) since the movie opened on 30th September, a week ago! The movie tops the
local box office chart last weekend (from 30th September to 3rd October), according to Cinematograph Film Exhibitors Association. Tsui Hark, the director of DETECTIVE DEE as well as the ONCE UPON A TIME IN CHINA series, has proven that he still has what it takes!

DETECTIVE DEE AND THE MYSTERY OF THE PHANTOM FLAME has already surpassed the box office of Tsui Hark’s recent movies such as MISSING (S$104,660) and ALL ABOUT WOMEN
(S$37,442). The movie is also likely to overtake the box office of SEVEN SWORDS (S$917,573) and
THE LEGEND OF ZU (S$783,212) in the next few weeks.

Five films to premiere at the Korean Film Festival 2010

As part of the annual Korea Festival, the Korean Film Festival 2010 is back with a strong line up of five films to be screened from 21 – 24 October 2010 at Cinema Europa, Golden Village VivoCity.

Organized by the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Singapore and in partnership with Golden Village Multiplex as venue host, the festival will focus on action films featuring a sports comedy, Take Off; brotherhood loyalty in Righteous Ties; time travel with fantasy Woo Chi: The Taoist Wizard; and delectable delights in Antique. The festival-goers can also look forward to a First Look preview for the critically acclaimed film, The Housemaid.

The Embassy has invited Jung Jun Ho, a popular and award-winning film and television actor in Korea to grace the gala premiere for Righteous Ties on 22 October at Golden Village VivoCity.
Festival ticket sales begin from Thursday 7 October 2010 online at and at all Golden Village Multiplexes. GV Movie Club members enjoy $1 off festival ticket price. For more information and updates, please visit Korean Film Festival 2010 in Facebook website.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Zack Snyder directing the new 'Superman' reboot

According to, Zack Snyder has been chosen to be the new director for the long-delayed Superman reboot for Warner Bros. Reportedly, Christopher Nolan and David S. Goyer hatched the story and Goyer wrote the script. Whether you are a fan or hater of Snyder's 300 and Watchmen, it's still too early to tell whether Nolan and Warner Bros has make the right choice this time.

Monday, October 04, 2010

Blood Ties DVD on 26 October 2010

Local produced supernatural thriller BLOOD TIES will be release on 26 October 2010. Special features include interviews, trailer and music video with English and Chinese subtitles. BLOOD TIES DVD is priced at S$24.90 RRP (Recommended Retail Price), VCD is priced at S$14.90 RRP.

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