Friday, June 13, 2008

Smile...Say PUNK'D

While he's not busy being Mr Moore, doing Punk'd and the occasional rom-com, the star of the recent sleeper hit, "What Happens in Vegas" actually models as well. Click here to see what Ashton Kutcher did for Nikon. Pretty sleek actually. An over-the-hill wife plus three stepdaughters to feed. He needs to work real hard.


patrick said...

romantic comedies starring Ashton Kutcher tend to be good, he seems to have a knack for them... A Lot Like Love is another example

Anonymous said...

Ashton sucks, Orlando Bloom is better

Heng Hau said...

His best movie in my opinion is The Butterfly Effect. I've been waiting for him to equal, let alone surpass that movie, but so far he's been sticking to rom-coms.

Here's hoping he can break into other genres in future.

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