Monday, October 16, 2006

InnoForm Media & Kelvin Tong's First Movie Collaboration

InnoForm Media is pleased to announce a first ever movie collaboration with local cutting edge director, Kelvin Tong. This is the first time InnoForm Media is co-producing a movie with Boku Films, Kelvin Tong's production house and the project is in association with clothing apparel giant Crocodile, a partner in this movie.

This Mandarin horror-comedy movie titled Men in White, scheduled for release in the second quarter of 2007. The movie is budgeted at US$500,000 and production will commence end of this year. The film will be shot entirely in Singapore and the four main male cast members will be unveiled at a later stage.

Mr Lim Teck, General Manager of InnoForm Media says, "This is an exciting project and a good start to work with Kelvin. This signifies the direction of InnoForm Media and we are looking at producing 5-6 movies for the next 2 years, through either investment or production deals.

InnoForm Media has recently invested in Jack Neo's Just Follow Law and is scheduled for Chinese New Year release in 2007.

Written and directed by Kelvin Tong, Men in White is about four Singaporeans who die on the same day and find themselves back on the streets as clueless ghosts. This movie will take on the scary from a completely new angle.

Widely regarded as one of Singapore's most talented movie directors, Kelvin Tong's previous works include The Maid which was recently awarded the 2006 Best Asian Film by European Fantastic Film Festival Federation at PIFAN, Korea.

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