Monday, December 11, 2006

Singapore Dreaming - Meet the Cast & Autograph Session was at IMM last Sunday for the Singapore Dreaming Meet the Cast and Autograph session. Attended by directors Colin Goh and Woo Yen Yen, cast members - Richard Low, Lim Yu-Beng, Alice Lim were also in attendance, with Dick Su doing double duties as the MC for the afternoon. As revealed by Colin Goh, IMM was one of the venues where the dinner and toilet scene were filmed (which happen to be one of my favourite scenes in the movie), so it wasn't a random selection of venues to host the event.

For a local non big-budgeted film, such a session is indeed rare, and it's to coincide with the recent launch of the Singapore Dreaming DVD and VCD. As MC, Dick was given the task of rousing the crowd and getting everyone at IMM to come to the stage area for some Q&A, where some attractive prizes sponsored by Crocodile and Scorpio East were given away to lucky winners.

The highlight of the evening was the interactive game where selected audiences were given the opportunity to partner the cast members in a game in search of the 5Cs, or rather, to gather items from around the shopping complex which begin with the letter C. It's to no surprise that the charismatic Richard Low and his team managed to win this one, given that he actually tried staying in character every now and then, and was "donated" items like cucumbers and corn from an enthusiastic member of the audience who had just gone about doing his grocery shopping.

For those who had bought the VCD or DVD, the directors and cast were on hand to autograph the items, and even those who had not made purchases, they were also able to meet the team up close, and obtain an autographed poster. How cool is that?

text: stefan shih photos: richard lim jr

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