Monday, June 04, 2007

Golden Village Invites Film Enthusiasts to New ‘Blog Aloud’ Initiative at Cinema Europa

Golden Village Cinema Europa, launches its first ‘Blog Aloud’ session targeted at true movie connoisseurs and patrons who are interested in the art of filmmaking. Conceptualised for people who love the craft of filmmaking, the interactive sessions will allow movie-goers to watch a film and have a discussion at the end of the film.

‘Blog Aloud at Cinema Europa’ is open to public and tickets are not required to attend the talk after the movie.

“We invite all movie lovers to join us for ‘Blog Aloud at Cinema Europa’ where there will be interactive Q&A sessions with the filmmakers which will last about 45 minutes after the film screening . ‘Blog Aloud at Cinema Europa’ will be a regular feature as we build more and more interactivity in and about Cinema Europa, our first arthouse cinema in Singapore. We aim to create the most conducive environment for connoisseurs who will relish the feeling akin to having a film festival all year round!" said Mr Kenneth Tan, Managing Director of Golden Village Multiplex.

The first ‘Blog Aloud at Cinema Europa’ session will take place on 6 June 2007 following an exclusive sneak preview of the animated movie Legend of the Sea where both director Benjamin Toh and producer Titus Ho will share their experience of bringing an animated feature film to fruition.

Date: 6 June 07, Wednesday

Time: 7:20pm session (‘Blog Aloud’ session starts after film screening)

Venue: GV VivoCity, Cinema Europa

Ticket Price: $10 per person (Ticket price for film only. ‘Blog Aloud’ session is open to public. No tickets or payment required.)

”We hope that by sharing our personal experience through the ‘Blog Aloud at Cinema Europa’, we can also engage our local movie-goers to be more supportive of the industry,” says Benjamin Toh, Director of Legend of the Sea.

Cinema Europa appeals to the true movie connoisseur by screening the finest international films in a sophisticated environment. Elegant and intimate, Cinema Europa, was created to give patrons the experience of “a film festival all year round” and screens arthouse movies, Asian films including award winners, well-loved classics and other film fare which otherwise does not usually get the chance to be programmed and shown in Singapore. Cinema Europa allows the audience to be immersed in a different world of movie sophistication. Located in Golden Village VivoCity and fully equipped with digital sound, deluxe stadium seating, and a magnificent floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall screen, Cinema Europa has had success in the screening of movies like Fast Food Nation, History Boys and Love for Share.

Golden Village has plans to organise other ‘Blog Aloud’ sessions for Singapore films Gone Shopping, and 881 and Thai film, Alone. Speakers for the upcoming Blog Aloud sessions will include the producers and directors of the films.

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