Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Here We Go Again...

Golden Village Multiplex announced today that it will revise its ticket prices at all nine multiplexes. The new rates will take effect tomorrow, on 27 March 2008. The ticket prices adjustment will be introduced through a 50 cents increase in the basic tier of ticket prices. Gold Class and Cinema Europa ticket prices as well as all ongoing movie promotional packages and preferential rates with banks, students and other promotional partners will remain unchanged.

According to David Glass, Managing Director of Golden Village Multiplex, it's due to an rising in business costs, goods, services, labour, film rentals. However, Golden Village has also introduced a slew of offers to enable their patrons to stretch their dollar at the cinemas.

To make a long story short, here's the revised prices:

Mon to Wed - $7.50
Thur - $7.50 (before 5pm) / $8.50 (after 5pm)
Fri - $8.50 (before 5pm) / $10.00 (after 5pm)
Sat/Sun - $10
Eve of public holiday -
$8.50 Mon to Fri / $10.00 Sat to Sun (before 5pm) $10.00 (after 5pm)

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