Monday, April 07, 2008

You Are Not Alone

The Will Smith’s hit “I AM LEGEND” is now available on DVD. Not a surprise, the local market is flooded with at least 3 versions of it. Let’s do a breakdown and perhaps might assist in your purchase.

The China Code 6 version – This dirt cheap version costs only SGD$12.90. While it doesn’t actually come with special features at least you can enjoy the company of Smith and his pup in DVD surround sound and clarity.

The local Code 3 version – Boasting a 2-Discs special edition consisting of an alternate ending and special features, similar to the import version except for the slight color difference for the cover, this local edition will set you back SGD$29.90.

The import Code 1 version – Features are similar to the code 3 version with the exception of a digital copy of it in the DVD. It cost US$22.99 on Amazon and some retail stores here are selling it at around SGD$44.90.

Giving the current slump of the US currency, audiopiles will no doubt go for the import version and the rest of the family crowd will be picking up the parallel import (China). So that left one question, who will be interested in the local code 3 version? On the other hand, the hi-def Blu-ray version is only selling at US$18.95. Tough choice in a tough economic world.

What’s your decision in the end?

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