Friday, April 24, 2009

Third 'Twilight' film lands director

David Slade is the newest master vampire.The "30 Days of Night" director will take a slightly less gory approach to the blood-sucking brood when he helms "Eclipse," the third installment of Stephenie Meyer's best-selling "Twilight" franchise. Summit Entertainment has just signed Slade to the project which it plans to release June 30, 2010. Melissa Rosenberg, who penned the adaptations of "Twilight" and its sequel, "New Moon," will also script "Eclipse." The third book follows heroine Bella Swan as she nears graduation while trying to navigate the dangers of the ongoing vampire-werewolf struggle. Mysterious killings turn up around Seattle, a malicious vampire looks for revenge and Bella's romantic life with Edward becomes complicated. The Twilight Saga: New Moon opens in Singapore on 3 December 2009.

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