Sunday, December 02, 2007

The Warlords Spotted at Orchard!

In conjunction with the release of acclaimed director, Peter Chan's forthcoming blockbuster, THE WARLORDS, a troop of ancient Qing Soldiers were seen marching down the bustling Orchard Road today, sharing news of its release on 13th December 2007! The valiant troop of one hundred Qing Soldiers donned original costumes, specially flown in from China for this occasion. Despite the extremely hot weather, the soldiers gamely wore the thick outfits of woolen robes and wooden armor, parading down the crowded sidewalks of Orchard with gusto. Their presence certainly caught the attention of shoppers and tourists at the busy Orchard Road. Many curious and surprised passer-bys also stopped in their paths to take pictures with the soldiers, some were even joined in the action by chanting The Warlords slogan with the troop!

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