Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Village Roadshow and Golden Harvest Group announce joint plans for Golden Village

Village Roadshow and Golden Harvest Group are glad to announce that they have put their recent dispute behind them and have jointly recommitted to making their Golden Village business in Singapore a success.

Mr. Wu Kebo, Chairman of Golden Harvest Group, said “I am glad that Golden Harvest and Village Roadshow are able to reach consensus within a short period of time, so that we are able to renew our previous successful relationship as partners in a joint effort to actively develop the Singapore cinema market in future. We believe that Singapore offers many opportunities for the two groups. At the same time, Golden Harvest is also continuing its efforts in actively developing cinemas and films distribution network businesses in other regions of Asia such as China and Taiwan, so as to provide quality film and cinema services. We hope to bring better and a wider range of entertainment to our audiences."

Village Roadshow Chairman and founding Chairman of Golden Village, Mr Robert Kirby, thanked Kenneth Tan for his vital contribution to Golden Village since 2003 and expressed his confidence about the future of Golden Village: “With the successful resolution of the recent differences between Village Roadshow and Golden Harvest, I now look forward to Golden Village delivering new levels of excellence for its millions of patrons in Singapore each year.”

Kenneth Tan, Golden Village Village’s Managing Director, has been instrumental in growing the business in his 4 years at the helm. Kenneth has decided that now would be an opportune moment for him to move on to new challenges and has tendered his resignation which will be effective on 31 January 2008.

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