Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A POINT-less Sequel

The Hollywood Reporter has it that Jan de Bont ("Speed", "Twister") is onboard to direct the sequel to the 1991's surfer crime flick "Point Break". RGM Entertainment and Essential Entertainment will exec produce this Asia-based follow-up to director Kathryn Bigelow's original, which starred Keanu Reeves as an FBI agent casing a gang of surfer bank robbers. The new film will take place 20 years after the disappearance of one of the criminal surfers (Patrick Swayze). It was reported that the film will shoot in Singapore and Southeast Asia.

We doubt Reeves and Swayze will return and clearly for sure won't be shooting at East Coast.

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Movie Junkie said...

I remember it was supposed to be directed by the writer of the first Point Break and Swayze was supposed to return for the sequel

Although it's not that anticipated, I don't mind checking what that writer and Swayze had in store for the sequel ... but now reading this news, I agreed that it's rather pointless

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