Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Get Your Soundtrack Autographed!

As much as we love our soundtrack albums, we are still waiting for the day when composers would take a trip down to Singapore to have them autographed. But come this Saturday, "12 Lotus" will be thanking everyone for their kind support with a "12 Lotus" soundtrack autograph session. Other than a splendid performance by the movie cast and singers from the OST, you could also get their autographs on your "12 Lotus" soundtrack lyrics booklet! In the movie, Royston teams up with the Queen of Getais Liu Ling Ling, talented actors Qi Yu Wu and Mindee Ong, while for the music, Royston works with Eric Ng, following suit the success of "881".

In the OST, Eric Ng applies the formula of modernized music arrangement in Chinese pop music onto the Hokkien songs. The result of the new improvised sound of these Hokkien songs is what Eric affectionately refers to as “Hip Hokk”.

Want to get your OST signed? Details of the "12 Lotus" movie promotion & soundtrack autograph session are here:

Date: 6th September, Saturday
Time: 2pm
Venue: Jurong Point (Centre Stage)

Also, read our reviews of the "12 Lotus" and "881" soundtracks.

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