Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Jackie Chan Will Be Back in CNY 2010

It has been more than ten years since movie-lovers and fans of Jackie Chan got to enjoy his unique brand of Chinese action-comedy meant for the festive Lunar New Year season. Come February 2010, this new China-based, big-budget project, titled Little Big Soldier is a period flick produced by Jackie Chan and directed by Ding Sheng. Starring Jackie himself, Leehom and Lin Peng, the movie is set in China's Warring States era and tells the tale of how a foot soldier and a general from a rival state survive an incredible journey together and learn a lesson from choosing between friendship and freedom. For an interesting twist, veteran actor Jackie Chan plays the minor foot soldier while the younger Leehom takes on the role of an honourable general and courageous warrior. The result of this fresh combination brings a beautifully-shot action epic film filled with intense war scenes and peppered with black humour tailored to Jackie Chan's trademark comedic effects. Distributed by Cathay-Keris Films, Little Big Soldier is scheduled to come onto the big screens in Singapore in February 2010 over the Chinese New Year period.

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