Sunday, March 07, 2010

Jack Neo: Sex No Enough

Singapore's most renowned filmmaker, Jack Neo (left in a MX file photo) has joined the latest string of celebrities who have extramartial affairs. The Chinese papers has lurid accounts of Neo being entangled with a 22 year old freelance model named Zhong Jia Yan for the past two years. It's believed they have frequent sexual encounters in Neo's luxurious car and hotels. After the affairs were exposed on Friday, Neo, his wife and his girlfriend and Zhong's parents had a  closed door discussion. In a surprising revelation, Madam Kng (Neo's wife) said she had known about the affair for a year but she chose to 'close one eye' and did not confront her husband. Some industry observers believe that it's just a promotional stunt for Neo's latest movie while some netizens are already bent on boycotting the film. The saga continues and from the initial outlook, seems an interesting premise for Neo's next movie.

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