Thursday, May 06, 2010


A Taiwanese movie produced by Singapore talents gross over NT$15mil in Taipei within 2 weeks of film release. Directed by first-time director Arvin Chen, Au Revoir Taipei has put up a good performance grossing NT$15million in box office takings. The film’s commercial success follows a series of critical acclaim garnered through international film festivals. Au Revoir Taipei tells the tale of Kai (Jack Yao), a broken-hearted young man who hopes to leave Taipei for the romantic city of Paris to be with his girlfriend. In a bid to master French, he spends time at the language section of the local bookstore and meets a sweet young girl named Susie (Amber Kuo). And in an attempt to raise enough money for his air ticket to Paris, Kai accepts a dubious offer from a local gangster to deliver a mysterious package to the City of Lights. At the end of the film, Kai has to decide whether or not to bid farewell to Taipei (hence the film’s title Au Revoir Taipei) and the girl he truly loves. Au Revoir Taipei comes to Singapore screens in July 2010. The director and cast members are expected to make a special meet-and-greet appearance when the film debuts in Singapore.

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