Wednesday, May 12, 2010

IP MAN: The Legend is Born

Master IP Chun (eldest son of Master IP Man) and the leading cast of IP MAN: The Legend is Born, Dennis To Yu Hang, Fan Siu-wong and Rose Chan are coming to town on the 19th May for a day trip to promote this upcoming summer action blockbuster. The movie stars IP Chun, the eldest son of Master IP Man, as Leung Pik, IP Man’s second Wing Chun master, Dennis To Yu Hang, the youngest World Kung Fu Champion of Hong Kong who plays the young IP Man and FAN Siu-wong, who also performed in the IP Man series. Not only will the movie showcase some of the rarely seen Wing Chun techniques, e.g. Eight Slashing Knives, Six and a Half Point Pole, pitting against Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, and Karate, audiences can look forward to more impressive heart pounding actions in the sparring between two Wing Chun masters! During the 1-day stopover, the cast will be attending a Press Conference at Dian Xiao Er at Tampines ONE and making a mall appearance at City Square Mall at 6:30PM. Fans can expect some action with sparring and demonstration by Master IP Chun and the cast together with Singapore Wing Chun group.


Layla said...

hi hi!! when will the movie open in SG? and they are coming to to Tampines 1 at what time? thks in advance!

MX said...

The cast will be at 店小二Dian Xiao Er from 2.30pm to 3.30pm for the press conference.

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