Monday, August 30, 2010


Shaw Theatres Pte Ltd introduced a new mobile movie ticketing site - - that is secure, fast and extremely user- friendly. It is compatible with most smartphones and mobile devices with a web browser feature, like Apple's iPhone and iPad, Blackberry and Android devices. only needs a web browser to function, which is built into all smartphones. It was built from ground up to be cross platform compatible and as such does not require downloading as it is not an application. allows the actual purchasing of tickets and not reservation, thus eliminating the need and hassle of collecting tickets half an hour before a movie starts.

All customers have to do is bring along the credit card used for the transaction to the box office for the collection of their movie tickets, without a need to remember any transaction numbers. The site accepts a wide range of credit and debit cards such as Mastercard, Visa and Amex, making mobile payment secure and easy for everyone.

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