Wednesday, August 30, 2006

THE HOST goes digital

Warner Bros. is pleased to announce that THE HOST will be the first Korean film released locally on a digital print.

From September 7th, audiences can watch THE HOST in its full technical brilliance at five digital halls in Singapore - Orchard Cineleisure, Suntec, Jubilee, Toa Payoh and West Mall.

THE HOST – A critically-acclaimed success and box office hit, the film centres on a mutant monster that emerges from the Han River to wreak terror on unsuspecting park-goers.

The creature was created as a result of the collaboration between two accomplished and reputable special effects studios - The Orphanage (Superman Returns, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire), and WETA (The Lord of the Rings trilogy).

The Orphanage has won rave reviews for their startling effects design and screen magic in blockbusters such as “The Day After Tomorrow” and “Sin City.”

WETA has won three Oscars in a row for its innovative and stunning special effects for The Lord of the Rings trilogy and King Kong. Creature effects in THE HOST are created to a high level of realism by WETA. WETA has constructed exceedingly detailed and realistic miniature models of the creature, which served as a cornerstone for the digital and optical effects that were added later. The result is so convincing that it has earned this positive comment – “The design of the creature itself speaks for it all, and its quality is at a level that any top quality VFX guru will acknowledge.”

Warner Bros. General Manager, Ng Peng Hui, says, “The CGI is one of the best we have seen in an Asian film and we feel that this digital release befits the spectacular technical achievement of THE HOST.”

Since its release on July 27th in Korea, THE HOST has been the Number #1 box office champion for five straight weeks. It has garnered an impressive 12,055,447 admissions, with more than USD 86,799, 218 at the Korean box office. This outstanding new record has surpassed the previous record of 11.7 million admissions held by TAEGUKGI in 2004. The all-time hit film in Korea is KING AND THE CLOWN with 12.3 million admissions. Still, it took 74 days for KING AND THE CLOWN to gather 12 million admissions, which THE HOST accomplished in less than half the time - 32 days.

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