Friday, April 20, 2007

Singapore International Film Festival confirms that Solos will not have public screening

Solos, the only Singaporean film in competition for the 2007 Singapore International Film Festival (SIFF) Silver Screen awards, will not be holding its World Premiere in its home country but will still be allowed to compete for the festival's Silver Screen Awards.

Solos is one of eleven films selected to participate in competition for the Silver Screen awards and will be allowed a private screening for the festival's jury. The decision to cancel the public screening originally scheduled on the 25th April is a joint decision between the producers and the organizers of the festival to preserve the principal that films at the festival should be shown uncut. The film received an R21 rating with 3 cuts from the Board of Film Censors.

Solos is a story about love and explores relationships among three individuals who are struggling to open up their feelings towards each other.

Filmmakers Kan LUME and LOO Zihan co-directed Solos, which was inspired by true events of a teacher-student relationship. Solos is the 2nd collaboration of the two directors, the first being a short film, Untitled (2005), which took home the top prize at the Take 5! Guerilla Filmmaking Challenge 2005 organized by the Singapore History Museum

The film stars award winning theatre actors, LIM Yu-Beng ( Singapore Dreaming, Anna & the King, AD 2000) and GOH Guat Kian in her film debut. Director LOO Zi-han also wrote the screenplay and played the BOY role in the film. Sound design and music was composed by Darren NG, one of Singapore's most respected and acclaimed sound artist.

I n Solos, a man (LIM Yu-Beng) and a boy (LOO Zihan) struggle with their mutual sexual desire, all the more because it seems to be a transgression, an anomaly compared to the banal normality of the domestic family unit they try to fit into and live in. The BOY's mother (GOH Guat Kian) suffers from depression and loneliness but is unable to express her emotions to her son.

Solos is produced by Florence ANG with Ricardo UNCILLA as Executive Producer, and Kan Lume as Co-Producer.

Solos was shot on HD and edited on Grass ValleyT EDIUS HD from Thomson. AV8 Media provided the facility for editing. The film's running time is 77 minutes and has no dialogue.
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