Tuesday, July 03, 2007

JJ Abram's secret project

Folks over in the states had a surprise treat with a preview trailer of a monster movie that was attached before the Transformer film. The secret project, tentatively entitled "Cloverfield" was described as the best trailer ever seen according to source from First Showing.net .

The trailer apparently begins with a party at a loft in NYC for a guy leaving the city when a sudden earthquake shook, sending everyone into a frenzy. What next comes is total madness. And all this shot on a video camera ala Blair witch style. Panic overcame and the camera drops causing it to blackout. It comes back on again with people running on the streets when all of a sudden a huge flaming thing flew and drops on to the streets revealing a ripped off head of the Statue of Liberty. In a distant, a freaky roar is heard as more objects starts to fly around. The word, “Produced by J.J. Abrams" and “1.18.08″ flashes, along with the credit block of names for about a half second and that was it.

Rumors has been going around that it might be the remake of the hit Korean film The Host which was already bought over, but only time will tell.

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