Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Warlords - Shanghai Press Conference, 12 July 07

Co-produced by China Film Group, Hong Kong's Media Asia Films, and Morgan & Chan Films, the costume epic “The Warlords” unveiled Chinese official website by today (July 12).

Announced at Shanghai, the film’s director Peter Ho-sun Chan led his main cast members Jet Li and Xu Jinglei, along with executives from the three backers, to launch the site as well as the Mainland promotional and commercial campaign.

The official site contains cinephile-friendly materials on story, characters and various behind-the-scene glimpses. Two interesting features are also included: A special “Culture” column is tailored for history buffs detailing the historical background of the story; and an interactive corner is for netizens to interact online with cast members of “The Warlords” and link to the talents’ respective blogs.

The ceremony also revealed the film’s second teaser poster – A collection of four portraits featuring the stellar cast of Jet Li, Andy Lau, Takeshi Kaneshiro and Xu Jinglei. Whereas the first Cannes poster emphasizes on the film’s epic scale, these new posters highlight the film’s aesthetics and star power.

“The Warlords” latest trailer also launched in the ceremony, and it will be tagged with “Transformers” in all China cinemas.

China Official website (Simplified Chinese version):
English Official website:

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