Tuesday, August 21, 2007

InnoForm Media presents 2 latest Korean Drama - Famous Princesses and Surgeon Bong Dal- Hee

Surgeon Bong Dal-hee is a highly acclaimed medical drama directed by Kim Hyeong Sik, winner of Best New Director in the 43rd Baeksang Awards. The drama tells the story of how Surgeon Bong Dal-hee was accepted for residency at a general hospital in Seoul due to a shortfall of applicants. Although she works harder than any other doctors, she is seen as an outcast in the hospital due to her humble background. Facing harsh criticism from her peers and senior heart specialist, Dr. An Jung-keun, Dal-hee manages to overcome their prejudices and gains the respect of the other fellow doctors.

During her stint in the hospital, An Jung-keun and Dal-hee grew fond of each other. However, things get complicated as senior doctor Lee Gun-Wook also fall for Dal-hee.

All seems well until Dal-hee's health deteriorates and she collapses while tending to a patient.

Starring: Lee Yo-won / Lee Bum-soo (Most Popular Award (TV category) in the 43rd Baeksang Awards) / Oh Yoon-ah/ Kim Min-joon

Release Date: VCD available now/ DVD - September (TBC)

Rating: PG

Languages and Subtitles:
VCD: In Korean/ Mandarin Dialogue with Chinese subtitles. (18 Episodes/ 18 VCD)
DVD: In Korean/ Mandarin Dialogue with Chinese/ English subtitles (18 Episodes/ 7 DVD)
R.R.P: VCD: $36.90 / DVD $56.90
Extras: DVD Bonus features (In Korean without subtitles) TV Specials include Making Of, Interviews, NG Scenes & Highlights.

KBS highest rating Korean drama of the year Famous Princess is a humorous drama that depicts the real-life stories of today's modern families.

The story line is centered round the four daughters of Na Yangal, a retired military officer who now works as a security guard of an apartment complex with his wife Kyung Myung-Ja.

The life of the oldest sister, Deok-chil, whose unloving husband divorces her, shows problems facing remarried couples. The upbeat and confident second sister, Seol-chil, plays the role of a ¡®son¡¯ to her parents and ends up fighting for love against her younger sister, the pretty but selfish Mi-chil is the family's troublemaker. Finally, the youngest of the sisters, Jong-chil, becomes pregnant and marries her boyfriend at a tender age, facing numerous conflicts with her in-laws.

Immerse in this heart warming family drama that will elicit both laughter and tears.

Starring: Lee Tae-ran/ Choi Jeong-won / Kim Hye-seon / Ko Ju-won Park Hae-jin (Best New Actor (TV category) in the 43rd Baeksang Awards)

Release Date: Vol 1 VCD available now.

Rating: PG

Languages and Subtitles:
VCD: In Korean/ Mandarin Dialogue with Chinese subtitles.
R.R.P: VCD Vol 1 : $39.90 (20 Episodes/ 20 VCD) Total of 80 episodes.

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