Monday, August 20, 2007

Southeast Asian Digital Cinema - Filmless Films in the Philippines

Southeast Asian Digital Cinema commences with screenings for its opening series featuring Khavn de la Cruz of Filmless Films in the Philippines. Screenings are held at our partnering schools who will open their doors to members of the public, acting as cinema chains with tickets priced at a dollar each. Their students run these chains based on the Asian Film ArchiveĆ¢€™s Cineodeon model. The Filmless Films series also features a special film concert with Khavn and his band, The Brockas, performing live to his silent feature film Squatterpunk.

Film Programme

Squatterpunk Khavn de la Cruz / Philippines / 2007 / 79 min
Set in the slums of Manila where law enforcement is rare, Squatterpunk chronicles the punk lifestyles of the youth as they scavenge the garbage beach for a living while still managing to play around. A film that casts a tenderly poetic eye at the squalor of Philippine society.

Small Ali Khavn de la Cruz / Philippines / 2005 / 8 min
Due to his bad crying habit, Small Ali always loses his fight with Mad Cow, the paperweight boxing champ. Fortunately, he saw an ad of Klinika Lakrima which promises to remove tears through a surgical operation.

Our Daily Bread Khavn de la Cruz / Philippines / 2006 / 5 min
Every night, a family repeats the same actions of collecting, selling and eating garbage. A short documentary on how one family lives out each day to earn their daily bread and how one man’s trash is literally transformed into this family’s treasure.

Lala at Tsinelas “Can & Slippers” Khavn de la Cruz / Philippines / 2005 / 2 min
A young boy from the Manila slums plays football with a can of Coke as his soccerball and a pair of slippers as his soccer shoes. When he finishes by shooting a goal at a rubbish dump, the camera pans out to show us he has only one leg and is moving around on crutches.

Screening Listings

Hwa Chong Institution (High School)
3pm - 5pm : $1
Hwa Chong Institution (College)
6pm – 8pm : $1

Hwa Chong Institution (College)
7pm – 9pm : $1

Hwa Chong Institution (College)
7pm – 9pm : $1
Jurong Junior College
7pm – 9.30pm : $1
Centre for the Arts, National University of Singapore
4pm – 8pm : $1
8pm – 10pm* : $1

* Squatterpunk Film Concert

Please visit the Southeast Asian Digital Cinema Official Website ( for updates on screening listings and other news. All proceeds from ticket sales will benefit the film group in focus.

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