Sunday, December 07, 2008

The 45th Golden Horse Awards

Not a suprise, the biggest winner of the day - THE WARLORDS and CAPE NO. 7

Best Feature Film - THE WARLORDS
Best Director - Peter Chan (THE WARLORDS)
Best Leading Actor - Zhang Han-yu (ASSEMBLY)
Best Supporting Actor - Ma Ju-Lung (CAPE NO. 7)
Best Screenplay Adaption - Liu Heng (ASSEMBLY)
Best Cinematography - Cheng Siu-Keung (SPARROW)
Best Visual Effects - Ng Yuen-Fai, Chau Chi-Shing, Tracy Kok (THE WARLORDS)
Best Action Choreography - Li Chung-Chi (CONNECTED)
Best Original Film Score - Fred Lu ; Lo Chi-Yi (CAPE NO. 7)
Best Original Film Song - (CAPE NO. 7)
Best Film Editing - Yau Chi-Wai (CONNECTED)
Best Sound Effect - Steve Burgess (MISSING)

You can view the full list of winners right here

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