Wednesday, December 24, 2008

InnoForm Media invests in King of Fighters

InnoForm Media is proud to announce that it will be co-producing King of Fighters with Taiwan's Double Edge Entertainment, Japan's Micott & Basara, US’s Inferno Entertainment and U.K.'s Scion Films,
Axis Entertainment and Convergence Entertainment. InnoForm Media will be handling the distribution rights in Singapore and Malaysia. The film will be a life-action adaption and is budgeted at US$12 million and features Maggie Q (Three Kingdoms, Mission Impossible 3) Sean Faris (Never Back Down, Pearl Harbor) and Ray Park (Star Wars, X- Men). King of Fighters is directed by Hong Kong director, Gordon Chan (The Medallion, Painted Skin). With Hollywood’s hottest action choreographers working on King of Fighters, it presents itself as a unique international hybrid of Hong Kong and Hollywood film making which will attract crowd beyond the gamer audience. The production is scheduled to be completed in mid-January and slated for international delivery in third quarter of 2009.

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