Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Following three successful sold out screenings at the recent 22nd SIFF, Leonard Lai Yok Wai’s latest short film "失去愛" (LOVE LOST) had won the "SPECIAL AWARD" at the recently concluded Timishort FIlm Festival in Romania which was held from 6~10 May 2009. The Director previous full-length feature film The High Cost of Living had won the “Best Feature Film” prize at the 9th International Panorama of Independent Filmmakers in Greece in 2007. The short film features the director himself who is acting for the 1st time as the male lead. The talented Singapore singer Faith Yang – 楊馥蔚(楊孝芬) who was a part of the Regional duet ‘2 Gals’ (2個女生)” is the Female Lead. The film was filmed in Taiwan on a shoe-string budget and is partly based on the director’s real life experiences there. It tells the story of a relationship coming to an end between Wai and his girlfriend Faith, who is in Taiwan. Wai travels from Singapore to Taiwan to meet Faith for one last time. It is a last journey of past memories as he finds shadows of their love and time spent together. The film is the 1st of a planned trilogy of short films exploring 3 different stages of love – losing love, finding love and maintaining love. You can check out the festival website for more details: http://www.timishort.ro/

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