Friday, May 08, 2009

No UP in June

Perhaps the most depressing news today, the Disney/Pixar animated UP will not be shown here in June. Instead it has been pushed back to 3 September. Hanna Montana The Movie on the other hand is scheduled to open on 4 June.


Stefan S said...

This sucks man, definitely not the first time it happened to a Pixar film.

Anonymous said...

why? isn't june the most profitable movie peak period? so disapppointed with pixar!!

MX Admin said...

Sept has a week long school holiday and best still, there's no other summer blockbuster to compete with. Business decision.

Pixar Fan said...

I'm sure that there are plenty Non Hannah Montana fans who would like to catch UP asap.

It just sound like Really Bad Business Decision.

Can't the kids wait for their Disney 2 face pop star in Sept instead?

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