Friday, July 24, 2009

New Moon rises at Comic-Con

It seems the sun has barely set on the movie phenomenon "Twilight,' and already its sequel "New Moon" is rising with actress Kristen Stewart calling it "a severely emotional movie" in which her character, teenager Bella Swan, is forced to mature through a series of events that imperil not only her but her vampire love Edward Cullen. Co-star Taylor Lautner promised "double the action than there was before,"and said he has packed on the muscle to play werewolf Jacob Black who befriends and protects Bella. "New Moon" which is set for release here on December 3, has Bella maturing into adulthood. She is no longer with her love Edward, and her friendship with Black has grown deeper. But events soon bring the two lovers back together. "There was more to think about," said Stewart about portraying Bella. "It was a more mature part. She's older and has more to deal with.

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