Monday, February 08, 2010

Goemon - The Legendary Bandit

Yosuke Eguchi (Shaolin Girl) and Ryoko Hirosue (Departures) returns to the big screen in this visual masterpiece which cost 1.5 billon yen to create, "Goemon 大盗五右卫门". In 1582, the mighty warlord Nobunaga was betrayed by his retainer, Mitsuhide. The cruel Hideyoshi subjugated Mitsuhide’s warriors and took over as Ruler of the Kingdom of Japan. Master thief Goemon – the Japanese Robin Hood – steals a wooden box once owned by Mitsuhide. Hideyoshi’s men, including Lord Mitsunari and his legendary ninja Saizo, are after the box and Goemon finds himself fighting for his life. He discovers evidence inside the box of the secret pact between Mitsuhide and Hideyoshi to assassinate Nobunaga. This revelation would tear Japan apart. Moreover Nobunaga was like a father to Goemon – the betrayal could not be more personal. Watch the trailer on MX now!

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