Wednesday, February 03, 2010

The HK Film Industry is Far From Dying

After a decade, Derek Yee finally follows up with his 2000 actioner, Double Tap with "Triple Tap", another riverting thriller starring the overexposed Louis Koo and Daniel Wu. This one holds the most potential to be screen locally this year given Yee's reputation and the two suave leading men. Simon Yam on the other hand teams up with Michael Miu in this Wong Jing produced and Keung Kwok Man’s directed crime thriller "Black Ransom" which also stars Fala Chen and Andy On. The trailer looks promising with lots of guns and explosions. But given Wong's reputation, we can't really raise our hopes much except for a typical shoot-em-up HK action flick. The notorious Dennis Law returns with another directing feature "Bad Blood". His movies are never that impressive sad to say but here he is assembling a cast including Simon Yam (again?), Andy On (again?), Ken Lo and Jiang Lu-Xia (from Coweb) in another bloodshed triad tale. The HK film industry is far from dying it seems...p.s. the trailers can be found on everyone's favourite webby, Youtube.

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