Wednesday, June 02, 2010

OLD COW VS TENDER GRASS Hitting Cinemas 22 July 2010

Local comedy 《老牛与嫩草》 OLD COW VS TENDER GRASS,
starring well-loved comedians Henry Thia (Money No Enough 2, Where Got Ghost?) of Singapore, Jack Lim (Kidnapper, Ah Long Pte Ltd) of Malaysia, Taiwan’s Crystal Lin (One Million Star Season 3 alumnae) and popular MediaCorp YES933 DJ Siau Jiahui will be hitting Singapore cinemas on July 22. The movie, helmed by veteran director Fok Chi Kai will be distributed theatrically in Singapore by Golden Village Pictures and Clover Films. OLD COW VS TENDER GRASS tells the story of Moo (played by Henry Thia), a taxi-driver in his late 40s, and how his routine life changes when he gets acquainted with an attractive but eccentric lady, Moon (played by Crystal Lin). Jack Lim plays a rugged taxi-driver who falls for a lady from China (played by Siau Jiahui). The movie attempts to explore the seemingly improbable romantic relationships in today’s society, through a simple yet hilarious storyline.

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