Monday, June 21, 2010


TOY STORY 3 lived up to its promise of being summer’s largest “Breakout Comedy” in more ways than one. In addition to receiving positive reviews from a majority of movie critics, the third installment to Pixar’s bestselling franchise raked in S$ 1,499,612 in box office takings over its opening weekend, breaking Pixar’s records, and rendering it Pixar’s best film ever. The movie continues to earn positive reviews from critics, encouraging moviegoers to catch the film in 3D – the 30 3D screens contributed 51% of the overall cumulative box office in Singapore.

In the United States, the highly anticipated third installment to Toy Story finished first at the weekend box office pulling in $109 million in the United States. The film became the first Disney/Pixar release to top $100 million in its opening weekend, setting a record for both Pixar and the month of June. The film is also the 11th Pixar title in a row to achieve Box Office No. 1 status as well as the biggest Pixar/Disney Animation Opening Weekend.

TOY STORY 3’s achievements are products of its success in sustaining the Pixar-esque charm, humour and cross-generational appeal for which the first two films in the series were feted. Adults who watched the first two films now have their own children to introduce this film to – giving rise to a whole new generation of TOY STORY fans. Young adults, usually not a big audience for animated films, also played an important role: 40 percent of the non-family audience was aged 17-24, people who presumably grew up with TOY STORY and are now able to identify with the protagonist Andy who like them, is now a young adult.

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