Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Talented and well-known comedians from Asia, comes together for the first time in upcoming Chinese comedy JUST CALL ME NOBODY 《大笑江湖》.

Directed by Kevin Chu, the movie stars Eric Tsang from Hong Kong; Jacky Wu and Little Bean from Taiwan; Mark Lee from Singapore; Zhao Ben Shan and his disciple Xiao Shen Yang from China. The movie is opening in Singapore on 30 December.

JUST CALL ME NOBODY is a kung-medy (kungfu comedy) which tells the story of a cobbler who loves to read martial arts comics and does not know any martial arts. One day he picks up a shoe left behind by a female martial arts exponent. He decides to set off to return the shoe to her. On the boat, he encounters two martial arts-skilled bandits who try to rob the passengers. The cobbler tries to help and unwittingly beats them. Unknown to him, a very skilled old man has been helping him in the dark. The old man then increases the cobbler’s internal strength. Subsequently, the cobbler encounters more incidents that improved his martial arts skills.

JUST CALL ME NOBODY, which opened in China three weeks ago on 3 December, collected RMB $60.9 million during its opening weekend. The movie beat Chen Kaige’s historical epic, SACRIFICE to claim the top spot on the box office chart. To-date, JUST CALL ME NOBODY has grossed more than RMB$ 140 million!

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