Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Horror Comedy "Twisted" In Cinemas 2011

Promising young Singaporean director Chai Yee Wei is now preparing his latest movie 撞鬼 (working title), a horror comedy currently shot in Malaysia . This is the second full feature by Chai after his well received Blood Ties, and production for the Mandarin movie will wrap in mid-December.

The movie revolves around a soft-drugs dealer who banged up a young girl, a pair of con men who wants to turn over a new leaf, and 4 cabin crews whose lives were turned upside down over a fateful night of drugs and booze. This is a story of individuals whose fates intertwine and paths clash due to a series of twisted events. A funny and twisted tale of fate and coincidence is shaped based on the cause and effect of their actions. Starring an interesting ensemble cast from Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Taiwan, with the best comedic and acting talents from the region which includes Mark Lee, Zhu Mi Mi, Cavin Soh, Randall Tan, Linda Liao, Candy Lim, Joey Leong, Josh Lai and Tracy Lee.

When asked to share his thoughts on the production, Yee Wei, director of the film said, “This new movie I am working on is a project that I am very excited about, because it allows me to explore 2 genres that I love deeply - supernatural and comedy. When I started my career doing short films, they were all comedies, so I've always found it somewhat ironic that my debut feature was a serious horror film. However, this time, I am glad to be able to use my own brand of comedy and infuse it in my new film. This is a Singaporean comedy executed in a fashion that is unlike those done by the other Singaporean Directors, and I hope that audience will find it refreshing.“

"Twisted" will be distributed by Clover Films in Singapore and has been scheduled for release in mid- 2011.

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