Sunday, September 10, 2006


THE ALIEN INVASION is Singapore's first and only nominee for "Best International Digital Short Film" in the 2004 Golden Horse Awards in Taipei, and in that year, it was the only non-Taiwanese Asian film nominee amongst other international Oscar nominees. After premiering around the world, it is finally coming home to Singapore.

The short film features over 80 cast members of real life students, staff and professors in this action comedy about them saving the world, in the day that aliens finally decided to attack Singapore, or rather Asia, instead of their usual America.
To allow you to watch the film and experience the Digital Launch first-hand, you can catch the sneak preview of it here:
The website will also feature the Official Behind the Scenes as well as 15 short Outtakes about the nonsensical adventures the cast and crew went through to create the film.

The Digital Launch will involve the free distribution and screening of THE ALIEN INVASION short film on all available major digital mediums, by capitalizing on the available technological infrastructure and proliferation of digital devices, in Singapore. So anyone with Internet, iPods, PSPs, 3G phones, PocketPCs, PDAs etc. and simply any major video enabled digital device, can watch the short film for free from 1st September(Teachers' Day) at
We believe that a dedicated digital launch of this scale has not been attempted before in the world, and should test if Singapore's "digital environment" is indeed ready for entertainment in the "Digital Age" as described recently.

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