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Collaboration by LAW

Local movie JUST FOLLOW LAW Marks The First Collaboration Between Director Jack Neo and Local Music Producer Billy Koh

Renowned local music producer Billy Koh (许环良), founder of local music label Ocean Butterflies (海蝶音乐), is producing the soundtrack for Director Jack Neo’s Chinese New Year blockbuster JUST FOLLOW LAW. This marks the first collaboration between the two celebrated local film and music producers.

Established local singer A-Do (阿杜) and upcoming Malaysian singer Rynn Lin (林宇中) of Ocean Butterflies have lent their voices to the theme songs for JUST FOLLOW LAW. Rynn Lin sang 《对调》 (SWOPPED), composed and wrote the lyrics especially for the movie, before even watching the film. Award-winning Singaporean singer A-Do sang the second theme song 《活过》 (LIVED BEFORE), the lyrics of which Billy Koh wrote.

“Anyone who has watched “Money No Enough” or “I Not Stupid” would unanimously agree that Jack Neo’s films have the power to touch audiences’ hearts. Ocean Butterflies shares the same philosophy and is honoured to join him in contributing our forte – MUSIC – in JUST FOLLOW LAW,” comments Billy Koh.

For his nine previous films, Director Jack Neo produced the music in-house. With JUST FOLLOW LAW, he decided to approach Billy Koh and his reputable music powerhouse Ocean Butterflies to bring the music production quality to the next level.

Says Director Jack Neo, “There must be something different in every movie we make, improving them each time. For this movie, we hoped to achieve a different feel in the soundtrack. I have known Billy since our army days and I am confident that having him and his team onboard will help us achieve this goal.”

JUST FOLLOW LAW is jointly produced by J Team and Innoform Media, with distributor Golden Village Pictures. The film humorously explores the intricacies of office politics in Singapore, seen through the eyes of blue-collar worker Zui (Gurmit Singh) and Vice President Tanya (Fann Wong) who, through a freak accident, swap souls and bodies.

JUST FOLLOW LAW, filmed entirely in Singapore, will be opening islandwide on 15th February in Singapore. It will get staggered releases in the following territories, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Brunei, thereafter.

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