Friday, February 23, 2007

JUST FOLLOW LAW Is the Highest Grossing Asian Title in Singapore This Chinese New Year!

JUST FOLLOW LAW, which opens on February 15th, is the highest grossing Asian movie in Singapore this Chinese New Year season. Its box office as of February 22nd stands at $1.404 million, taking the No.2 spot on the latest local box office chart.

The movie also topped the daily box office chart over a consecutive of three days from February 20th to February 22nd.

With this fantastic result, producers J Team and Innoform Media are hopeful that the final box office figure for JUST FOLLOW LAW can cross the $2.5 million mark.

“Director Jack Neo has proven once again to be the undisputed box office champion of the Singapore movie industry. We are very happy with the excellent result and am confident the movie will remain popular with Singaporeans in the weeks to come,” says Mr Lim Teck, General Manager of Innoform Media.

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