Thursday, February 28, 2008

Horror or Horrible?

Do horror movies really serve up the scares nowadays? Since the beginning of 2008, we counted at least 6 horror thrillers terrorizing our screens. There's the remake of the Jap horror "One Missed Call" , from the Land of Tom Yum "Body #19" , the unnecessary sequel "Boogeyman 2" just to name a few. Opening this week of course is the deliciously beautiful Jessica Alba's "The Eye". (We love Jessica Alba and fortunately "The Eye" isn't that bad)

Sad to say, rest of them never really catches our reviewers' eye meaning most of them has a rather lacklustre rating of 3 stars and below. Is the horror genre coming to a creativity dead end? But given the string of upcoming releases e.g. our very own Kelvin Tong's "Rule #1" and "Shutter". The trend is never going to die off anytime and maybe just maybe we might stumbled upon some gem along the way. Meantime, can the cinema operators crank down those decibel? You know a true horror gem doesn't require jumbo sound volume.

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