Tuesday, February 22, 2011


From Clover Films and TS Laser comes three home videos for your viewing pleasure. First is Close To You, for those who enjoy watching irritatingly cute Taiwanese drama series. It has all the elements which are present in a respected Taiwan idol drama. Cute guys. Check. Cute girls. Check. Cameos from well known pop stars. Check. And it stars none other than Eddie Peng and Ming Dao. Our local 'Ah Jie' aka Zoe Tay and Kenny Ho stars in this Health Promotion Board's endorsed breast cancer drama called Love Cuts. Unfortunately, we could only wish that this was a TV commercial instead of a long drawn feature film. Last but not least, IRIS the movie details the exploits of secret agent Hyun-jun played by G.I. Joe-Lee Byung-hun, action + teary romance + exotic locations, IRIS the movie is a decent Asian espionage movie to kill a boring weekend.

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