Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Kids Are All Right gets restricted screening

After a long wait, the ensemble film "The Kids Are All Right" is finally opening in Singapore on Feb 24. Well, that is, with an R21 (Homosexual Theme) rating and a restricted screening to just one screen.

Yes, you read that right, it can only be screened in one theatre, and Festive has chosen Cineleisure Orchard to be that exclusive location. This is the first time MDA has laid down such a regulation and it is to us utterly appalling.

Does it seriously think that allowing the movie to be screened at more locations and by extension widening its reach will cause people to consider the 'alternative lifestyle' MDA feels the movie encourages? We vehemently disagree.

Anyhow, we at MX would like to appeal to all our readers to watch the film and support Festive for their efforts to bring in this movie. Go catch in when it opens!

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