Thursday, March 10, 2011

Director Wee Li Lin Breaks Her Own Box Office Record With FOREVER

This is an encouraging result for the Director as FOREVER is on a much smaller release with 5 prints, as compared to GONE SHOPPING’s 12-print release. “I'm happy that more people are watching FOREVER - it's fun and kooky and the leads are great! Hope more people will discover it.” says Li Lin. FOREVER is a Mandarin-language film shot on location in Singapore. Directed by Wee Li Lin, the main cast includes Taiwanese actor Mo Tzu Yi 莫子仪, Singapore award-winning theatre actress Joanna Dong董姿彦and newcomer Sarah Ng Li-Wen 黄丽雯. The movie is in competition at the Osaka Aasian Film Festival this week. FOREVER is financed by the Singapore Film Commission, Bobbing Buoy Films, Add Oil Films and Iceberg Design. The movie, distributed by Golden Village Pictures, is currently showing in cinemas.

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