Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Shaw Theatres brings a 3-storey high IMAX screen

Singapore's first and only IMAX featuring digital technology has finally arrived at Shaw Theatres Lido, marking a significant milestone in the local cinematic history. The IMAX screen was unpacked, raised, stretched and installed yesterday in a customised theatre built to meet requirements necessary to deliver The IMAX Experience.

IMAX’s proprietary high-gain screen results in exceptionally bright images and unparalleled 3D effect. The IMAX screen is slightly curved and sits closer to the audience, creating a larger effective screen, which is equivalent to a 20% to 230% increased in screen area. It was a delicate process to install the 170kg 3-storey high IMAX screen as it cannot be bent, to avoid any kink or scratch, so that a complete The IMAX Experience can be realised.
The screen was hoisted through an opening made in the curved facade of the Shaw House earlier in the week. It was packed in a 10m long crate, weighing a total of 454kg, and hoisted up 5 storeys to Shaw Theatres Lido. When installed, the 19m (width) by 9.5m (height) screen effectively fills from floor to ceiling and wall to wall.

The installation of the entire IMAX hall will take at least another 11 days. This will be followed by a series of tuning and testing. Closed for renovation since October 2010, the new Shaw Theatres Lido will feature 10 regular cinema halls and Singapore’s first IMAX hall to feature digital technology. It is slated for opening in mid-May 2011.

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