Wednesday, March 02, 2011


Local Director Yong Mun Chee’s debut film Where The Road Meets The Sun is confirmed in the Official Selection for The 44th Annual Houston International Film and Video Festival in Houston, Texas, 8 – 17 April 2011. This will mark the World Premiere screening for the independently produced title. Where the Road Meets the Sun is also nominated to receive a prestigious REMI award at the Houston Film Festival, which will be given out at The Grand Awards Gala on Saturday April 16, 2011.

Where the Road Meets the Sun is a movie about four men whose lives intersect for a brief time in the city of Los Angeles. Takashi, a Japanese hit man, wakes up from a four-year coma and moves to LA to escape mysterious traumatic memories. He strikes an unusual friendship with Blake, the hotel manager who still mourns the loss of his wife to an affair he ended up regretting. Julio, an illegal immigrant, works at an Indian restaurant to provide for his wife and kid back in Mexico. He befriends Guy, a young British backpacker who lives off his estranged father's ATM card and sleeps with any girl who crosses his path. The film intercuts between the blossoming of these two friendships. Takashi attempts to help Blake break from his past, but in the process is forced to confront his own violent memories. Julio and Guy hustle for dayto-day survival and forge dreams of a better future, but after Julio steals Guy's passport and sells it, not only is their friendship at stake but also their lives. What follows are the wild times and often gut-wrenching adventures of four men trying to survive both emotionally and physically.

Written and directed by Yong Mun Chee, the film stars Eric Mabius (Ugly Betty), Will Yun Lee (Hawaii Five-0; The King of Fighters), Luke Brandon Field and Fernando Noriega. Golden Village Pictures is proud to be the Singapore distributor for Where the Road Meets the Sun. The film will be released in June 2011, with the Asian premiere held during the first-ever Screen Singapore.

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