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Ascension Pictures LLC, pip Productions and Golden Village Pictures are proud to announce that Karena Lam’s new movie, ANNA & ANNA《安娜与安娜》is scheduled for release in Singapore cinemas from August 2007.

Principal photography of ANNA & ANNA started in Shanghai, China, in February 2007 before moving here to shoot in Singapore. The film, a USD $2 million production, wrapped principal photography here in Singapore on March 5, 2006.

ANNA & ANNA stars top China actor Lu Yi 陆毅 (SEVEN SWORDS《七剑》, JASMINE WOMAN 《茉莉花开》and A TIME TO LOVE《情人结》), award winning Hong Kong actress Karena Lam 林嘉欣 (JULY RHAPSODY 《男人四十》, INNER SENSES 《异度空间》,  SILK《诡丝》, TIRAMISU《恋爱行星》) and popular Taiwanese model-actor Tender Huang Teng Hao 黄腾浩 (THE HEIRLOOM 《宅变》, TV series THE HOSPITAL《白色巨塔》).

Directed by Aubrey Lam 林爱华 (12 NIGHTS《12夜》, HIDDEN TRACK《寻找周杰伦》), ANNA & ANNA centers around Karena Lam’s character Anna who has to make choices in her life on whether to live in Shanghai with her ex-beau, Ouyang (Lu Yi) or to continue her relationship with her Singaporean musician boyfriend Billy (Tender).

“With ANNA & ANNA, I felt I could relate to Karena’s character Anna who has to choose between leaving the man she loves and hates at the same time. Just like the characters in the movie, we all have reasons for our choices. We all hope that we have a choice, or wish we have a choice,” says director Aubrey Lam.

“The film reminds us of how life always forces us to make choices and how each decision we make in our life will live with us for the rest of our lives. I was drawn to the story of Anna and her choices she had to make in the film,” says Karena Lam. “I found this role very challenging having to portray the different emotions of Anna and her doppelganger but I have confidence in the director’s vision to tell the story in the best way possible.”

“Making this film has been an enriching experience so far because it was a chance to work with professionals in the region all at once, Aubrey and Karena from Hong Kong, Lu Yi from China and Tender from Taiwan, “ says Ng Sian Ngoh 黄仙娥 producer, pip Productions.

“As Singapore’s cinema market leader and a strong supporter of Asian film products, we are proud to be distributing Anna & Anna which showcases talents from 4 Mandarin speaking countries: China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan. The combined strength of having the largest cinema circuit plus the most energetic and experienced distribution team in the country will maximize the film’s performance.” says Kenneth Tan 陈继贤, Managing Director, Golden Village Pictures.

Anna & Anna is the story of Anna (Karena Lam) who seems to have everything in life, from love to career, until her boss decides to post her to China. There, Anna meets her ex-boyfriend, Ouyang (Lu Yi) and his wife, Si-Yu (Karena Lam) who looks exactly like her and later turns out to be her doppelganger. Love for her ex-beau rekindles and Anna decides to switch identities with Si-Yu for a week. Si-Yu then flies to Singapore where she falls in love with Billy (Tender), Anna’s current boyfriend. Realising that Ouyang is no longer the man she used to love, Anna desperately wants her old life back, but her doppelganger has plans of her own too.

The film is presented by Ascension Pictures and is Singapore-based pip Productions’ first co-production with China. ANNA & ANNA is distributed in Singapore by Golden Village Pictures.

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