Monday, March 19, 2007

National Museum of Singapore presents The Son of the Sheik (Sat 31 Mar, 8 pm)

The Son of the Sheik
by George Fitzmaurice
1926 / Germany / 72 min / Silent with music score by Jack Ward
A Programme of the National Museum Cinémathèque

Sat 31 Mar 2007
Gallery Theatre, National Museum of Singapore
Tickets: $8

The legendary Rudolph Valentino, one of the most iconic stars of silent cinema, stars in this visually intoxicating sequel to his career-defining The Sheik, portraying a hot-blooded young man who is lured into a thieves’ trap by a beautiful dancer, played by Vilma Banky.

An epitome of the grandeur and romance of early Hollywood silent cinema, The Son of the Sheik's sultry beauty and torrid power are derived from the exotic romance which saturates every frame. More than anything that would follow in the fast-approaching sound era, this desert romance relied thoroughly on sex appeal. Valentino's own, of course, bordered on mythical proportions, but Vilma Banky was awarded just as many loving close-ups and she photographed luminously. The culmination of all this cinematic lust remains Valentino, on his indigo horse, kidnapping dancing girl Banky, whom he mistakenly accuses of having betrayed him. "I may not be your first victim," he hisses to a prostrate Vilma in the film's most memorable line, "but, by Allah, I shall be the one you remember!"

Widely hailed as the best film of Valentino's career, The Son of the Sheik is also his last work. Eight days after the premiere of the film, Valentino collapsed and died at the age of 31. His death sparked off a public hysteria and his funeral attracted an unprecedented crowd of more than 80,000 people on the streets of New York City.

The Son of the Sheik is part of the Arabian Dreams film programme of Under the Crescent Moon festival. The other film of Arabian Dreams programme, The Adventures of Prince Achmed featuring live music by The Analog Girl, screens on Sat 24 Mar 2007.


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